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Double Leg from Butterfly Guard

Double Leg from Butterfly Guard


Jiu-jitsu is such a multifaceted sport and that is why we love it so much.

There is a such a variety of techniques, skills, and concepts to learn that one can play this game for years and not see it all. But the true beauty of the sport, is taking all of those skills and blending them together. 

Take this video as an example. It is a perfect example of playing guard and switching right into an aggressive sweep/takedown game as the situation calls for it.

Jan Stava is a Marcelo Garcia black belt. Coming up the belt ranks he has won Nogi Worlds, the Pan American, and numerous opens. At black belt he won the ADCC East Coast Trails and will be competing in the 2019 ADCC. 

An important concept Jon discusses at the start of the video is that an opponent can only defend one thing at a time. Numerous examples of this can be found throughout jiu-jitsu: good passing defense leads openings to a leglock, defending a choke often leaves the arms exposed, a turtled athlete can focus on back take defense or headlock defense. 

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In this case, Jon is trying to sweep his partner, but they have set their base back and kept a very strong posture. Pulling their arm back and posturing up is a very common response for the passer to try and keep the distance well they strip away grips. But sitting back like this creates an opening because all their weight is going in one direction, backwards.

In the video, Jon is taking a two on one grip like he would setting up a back take. Part of his opponent’s defense is to plant the free arm on Jon’s shoulder to stall his movement and keep him away. As Jon notes, the stiff arm and strong backwards posture will make any sweep or back attack difficult, so he changes tactics. He shoves the arm that he’s holding up, using it to knock the stiff arm off him. 

Next he swings his feet out until he’s in almost an S mount, with the toes on his back foot planted to drive forward. This movement can be done as a warm up, switching side to side to develop dexterity to do it quickly.

With the arms out of the way Jon drives forward into a double leg to take the opponent over.

Just remember, successfully doing this is going to require forcing the opponent to be leaning back. This isn’t going to work if you just try and blast double them without any setup. And if you ever get stuck anywhere in when rolling, if one avenue of attack is closed another one must be open. 

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