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Drills for Great Guard Passing

Drills for Great Guard Passing


Drilling is the one of the best ways to quickly improve any particular skill in grappling. This is why high level grapplers consistently talk about the importance of drills. Drilling, especially high intensity drilling, reinforces the adaptation of the drilled techniques to muscle memory. Why is this important? In order to be a great grappler, we need to be able to execute techniques quickly without having to think it through, this means that the techniques have to be processed at a subconscious level, which is what drilling implements.

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Of the different element’s in Jiu Jitsu, guard passing is probably the one that can be improved the most by drilling. When you are still a new grappler, it is acceptable to focus on a few drills and doing them slowly. As you progress and go up against better grapplers, it is vital to be able to do many guard passes and quickly transition between them. That is why I want to share a few drills that work tremendously in improving guard passing ability.

The first drill is the side-to-side knee slide drill. We learn the knee slide pass early on in our careers because it is so effective. To make it even better, we need to do it quickly. For this drill, you will start on either side in a knee slide pass position. From here, you will place both hands on your partner’s hips and walk your legs back while maintaining your weight on your opponent. From the center, you will enter the same knee slide position on the other side.

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The next drill will improve dexterity for one of the quickest guard passes used in grappling, the toreando pass. This drill is called the gorilla drill because of the way the person doing the drill positions themselves. Your partner will lie flat with their feet on the ground but knees up. You will stand perpendicular to them right next to their legs. Place the inside hand on the ground between your partner’s legs and your outside hand on the far leg. Move your weight forward and float to the other side, back and forth with high intensity.

These two drills work tremendously for improve fast guard passing. They improve leg dexterity and also teach us how to appropriate our weight to make our lower bodies more mobile. There are many other drills you can do and can even make your own to improve any specific movement that you like.

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