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Filthy Kimura Trap Finish From The Mount Position

Filthy Kimura Trap Finish From The Mount Position


Marcelo Cohen: Finishing the Kimura From Mount

When it comes to kimuras, Brazilian Black Belt, IBJJF Pan American and American National champion Michael Cohen is no stranger to their effectiveness. The kimura is undoubtedly an important fundamental in any BJJ player’s grappling arsenal. It is one of the first submissions taught in most schools to new students. The downside to this is that most BJJ players with even a little experience can see it coming, so as you learn the power of the kimura you too will learn the ways in which they can be resisted.

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In the video below Macrelo Cohen is going to demonstrate to us how he likes to finish the kimura from mount. Check out the video and then we will break down his technique.

Cohen starts off his demonstration from closed guard bottom. He breaks down his opponent’s guard and locks up the kimura, standard stuff for most BJJ players. Most of the time your training partner is not just going to give you the submission from here. Instead they will begin to mount their defense by pressuring you down into the mat with his chest and disallowing you the angle required for the submission. What Cohen likes to do here is open his guard, and step on his opponent’s hips. When he steps on the hips he anticipates that his opponent will grab his leg to try and escape. Watch as Cohen exploits this anticipates and switches his leg to above the arm. I am impressed by this simple but high level bait (just look how fast his hits it in the clip of him in competition)! His opponent is in real trouble now that he is stuck in Cohen’s kimura trap. This trap generates the power you need to break his hands and finish the submission. But here again is another opportunity for your training partner to successfully defend the kimura. A lot of times you will see guys roll when they get desperate, landing you in their mount, still with the kimura lock. If your opponent holds their own leg for defense at it takes is a little patience as you fight for their arm and pin it to the ground and nail the submission from there. You also have an arm bar in this position, and your opponent has little they can do to easily get their arm out of the lock.

I think what I admire the most about this kimura series from Marcelo is that you never let go of the kimura, once you have established that tight lock. When you watch him pull it off live it is almost like watching a man ride a bull, the bull desperately trying to clear its back, in this case a jiu jitsu player desperately trying to clear his arm. Patience and the ability to flow with your training partner as he struggles for a solution will really pay off when finishing the kimura. Also too, I really appreciated the bait from open guard to kimura trap Cohen’s opponent. His speed is remarkable and his precision is as sharp as it gets. I will definitely keep Cohen’s advice in mind the next time I am on the mats!

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