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Learn 2 Judo Takedowns For BJJ & MMA With Rick Hawn

Learn 2 Judo Takedowns For BJJ & MMA With Rick Hawn


2 Judo Take Downs For BJJ by Rick Hawn

Judo is an excellent martial art to cross training in order to improve your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. There are judo take downs which are effective both in gi and no gi competition. Much like wrestling, Judo will also help you learn explosiveness, balance, coordination and grip strength.

In the video below Rick Hawn shows a cool no gi takedown for jiu jitsu - kouchi gari with back step. Rick is a former Olympic Judoka and professional mixed martial art fighter for Bellator MMA. He won the Bellator season 6 lightweight tournament and the Bellator season 9 welterweight tournament. Check out the video below and then we will break down the technique!

Judo style throws are highly effective techniques to be practice and then use in BJJ and other styles of grappling such as MMA and submission wrestling. They give you alternative ways of getting your opponent to the ground that is not of the regular variety.


The kouchi gari is what many consider a safe throw. Unlike other sacrifice throws even if you botch this one the worst thing that will happen is that you will end up in your opponent’s guard. There are a few ways to set up this throw but let us focus on the technique demonstrated by Rick Hawn. Hawn starts with his head an arm tied up with his opponent. Notice his right foot is near his opponent’s right foot. From here he takes a big back step with his left leg. Rick back steps and plants on ball of his foot so he has the right angle to drive in the right direction. This creates an opening to sweep the opponent’s foot. Pay attention to the foot work on this one, it is very important. It is also important to make sure that your momentum is heading towards your opponent and not away.

The next video we will watch is Rick Hawn demonstrating the Tai Otoshi from 50 50 clinch position – another nice take down for no gi jiu jitsu. Check it out and then we will break it down!

The tia otoshi is one of those throws that just looks utterly beautiful when done correctly. The first thing Hawn does from the 50 50 clinch position is create a little space and pull his opponent square, getting him off balance, so that Rick is now perpendicular to him – a very important detail for the setup. If he does not create space he will not be able to turn for the tai otoshi, as his opponent will still be holding on to him. Notice that Rick now goes for the over hook position on his opponent’s shoulder which is a very strong grip. From it he takes a back step and crosses his leg in front of his opponent at shin level with his knee pointed directly towards the floor. You will see that when Rick puts his heel to the floor his calf connects with his opponent’s shin which is what makes this throw so effective.

You will notice that these two throws require a certain amount of fluidity to pull off. I recommend starting off slow with these throws so you can really get the feel for the technique (and avoid injuring your training partner). Once you get the steps down and get a feel for the technique you can start to ramp up the speed and aggression.

One of the best Judo athletes in the world in Travis Stevens, and his coach happens to be no other than Jimmy Pedro. Travis is known for his sick Tai Otoshi and shares with you the details of this throw and others in his DVD / On Demand Series called:

Take your throwing game for jiu jitsu to new levels by learning from two of the greatest takedown marital artists who have ever lived.



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