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Fix Your Arm Bar in 1 minute with Gordon Ryan

Fix Your Arm Bar in 1 minute with Gordon Ryan


Attacking an arm bar from the guard can be tricky, as there are a lot of factors that go in to creating a successful acquisition of this classic submission.

Because we are on the bottom, we need to make sure that were able to manage the top players ability to put pressure on us, as well as making sure we have a firm grasp on the arm itself, and that we don’t lose it as we progress through the technique. 

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So, what is the best way to secure, maintain, and finish an armlock from the guard? While we impatiently wait for Gordon Ryan’s close guard instructional series, check out this quick clip from Ryan on this exact topic. You may learn enough in this 1-minute video to begin throwing up successful armbar attempts almost immediately. Take a look!

Ryan begins by touching on what might be going wrong with your arm bar attempts. As Ryan states, posture is a killer of the arm bar. We need to do the best we possibly can to control our partners posture as we work through the motions. If we keep the passer close, attacking will be a much easier process. As Ryan progresses through the stages of the arm bar, you see that keeping the posture is a focal point.

To begin attacking the arm, Ryan first makes sure that his partners arm he wishes to attack is brought in past the shoulder line. As this occurs, Ryan also secures a collar tie with his free hand. Here, he applies a top lock, which consists of his legs rising up to a higher level on his partner’s body and locking the shoulder down. The top lock adds further control to the posture and restricts movement considerably. 

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With the posture now being controlled by the top lock, Ryan can reach under his partner’s leg with the hand that previously controlled the collar tie. As he pulls himself to an angle, he passes his left leg over his partners head, making sure that it lands at a higher level than his partner’s ear. With his knee at this level, pulling the arm free is nearly impossible, and here Ryan can work to a clean finish. 

There’s a lot at work here, and every detail is necessary. If you’ve struggled with the arm bar from the guard, this may be your saving grace!

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