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Force a Reaction from Knee on Belly that Will Allow you to Advance Towards Finishing: with Eli Knight

Force a Reaction from Knee on Belly that Will Allow you to Advance Towards Finishing: with Eli Knight


Winning begins with the top game 

Eli Knight is gaining some recognition for his approach to grappling with weapons involved, specifically the knife in his “Bladed Grappler” content. The material is very user friendly, and if you know basic BJJ, its highly adaptable to the themes you’ve probably already been exposed to.

Moving away from the subject of the more dangerous side of self-defense, Eli also has much to offer in the way of straight BJJ concepts and technique. In this video he speaks a little bit about knee on belly pressure, and what it might produce for you when done properly. Have a look:

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By using a rowing motion from knee on belly, Eli is able to command a response from his partner. The increase level of pressure will often times force our partner into raising their head to tighten the body. As Knight explains, this allows us easier access to the collar, and provides a jumping off point off other pathways of advancement.

When Knight’s partner reacts to the pressure by pushing the knee and hip escaping (which is almost always a bad idea) a large gap is opened up for our arm to slide into. Avoid this at all cost from the bottom.

The bigger picture here is Knight’s response to a slightly more technical defense of the knee on belly. As his partner establishes a more proper defense, Knight reverses his knee o belly, and traps his partners defenses. With his partners hands buried, Knight can perform a backstep that lands him in position to secure an armbar. He over shoots the backstep a bit and secures his partners elbow, making it difficult to thwart the arm attack. The configuration of the feet will be determined by his partners response, and the finish follows. Nice details for creating some action in the KOB.

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