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Freestyle Counter to Counter of the Rolling Back Take with Lachlan Giles

Freestyle Counter to Counter of the Rolling Back Take with Lachlan Giles


Nice Counter With Lachlan Giles!

The rolling back take, the Jedi mind trick, there’s a few different names for the technique, but you know the one. I remember the first time I saw the move, my head exploded. I couldn’t wait to try it, and I was incredibly intrigued by its workings. It looked so impossible, but upon attempting it I found it was much easier than I thought. To this day, any time the technique is demonstrated, I love to look around the room at all of the faces. You get a mix of shock and awe, some large smiles, and people glancing at their BJJ peers in disbelief. But like every great technique there is always a chance for failure, and we may have to be ready to transition to an alternate technique.

If you fight from half guard, this one with will absolutely change how you approach the jiu jitsu half guard battle.


As we progress through our journey our autopilot becomes sharper and we amass a collection of our most relied upon movements. Sometimes, out of that collection of movements we create scenarios and one of a kind techniques.

While attempting to execute a rolling back take during a live match Lachlan Giles was swept, but he was able to turn it into a very interesting opportunity to continue his path to his partner’s back. Take a look at this video.

As Giles is attempting to set up the Jedi mind trick, his partner answers with a solid bridge and is able to reverse Giles, but that’s not where the exchange ends.

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As his partner bridges and makes his way to the top Giles reacts quickly by swimming his left instep to the underside of his partners leg. As he extends his butterfly hook it tilts his partners hips to expose the back. He passes off the butterfly hooked leg to the instep of his right leg, and achieves a crab ride position. He then pushes his partner down and extends his hooks to complete the back take.

These are the kinds of moments we all wish we had on video. Some of the best techniques are created in live training scenarios when our minds are open, and we’re just going with the flow. Great stuff!

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