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Garry Tonon Returns to the MMA Stage Earlier than Expected

Garry Tonon Returns to the MMA Stage Earlier than Expected


Garry Tonon, one of the greatest No Gi grapplers of all time has made the switch to MMA. “The Lion Killer” has been successful in his first two bouts in the cage, securing a stoppage via strikes against Richard Corminal in his debut, and later submitting Rahul Raju via rear naked choke. Tonon was not scheduled to fight again until after the new year, but it looks like we’ll get to see him much earlier than expected in Singapore at One FC’s “Heart of the Lion”, on November 9th.

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Tonon will be facing Sung Jong Lee (4-2), who trains out of 10th Planet Korea. Lee is also considered to be a leg lock specialist, which will add an interesting element to the fight. But so far, in his MMA career Tonon has chosen not to rely solely on his leg lock game and grappling pedigree. He’s showcased his abilities from his feet, and appears determined to let the world know he’s not just a phenomenal grappler, but a well-rounded martial artist as well. Tonon will be making his debut at featherweight for the matchup.

Tonon will not be the only ultra-successful grappler taking part in the card. 8X world champion Michelle Nicolini will also be stepping into the arena against Tiffany Teo. The card is to be headlined by a women’s straw weight title fight between Angela Lee and Xiong Jing Nan.

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Of course, we miss Garry Tonon in the grappling realm. His athleticism and razor-sharp technique have always made for interesting matches and exciting back and forth action. But with the switch to MMA we’ll get to witness a new chapter in Tonon’s combat career, as he attempts to make his way to the top of the MMA rankings.

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