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Getting Stacked During Arm Bars?  Tom DeBlass Has The Answer

Getting Stacked During Arm Bars? Tom DeBlass Has The Answer


Arm Bar Finish while Being Stacked by Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass is one of the most decorated American Grapplers there is. In this video he shows us how to properly finish the arm bar from guard when your opponent is stacking you. The stack is one of the most common defenses to the arm bar from guard and many people have a tendency to give up when they are stacked.  This position can pose a huge problem. Some people that assume they need flexibility to finish the arm bar from the stack. Tom is here to show us that you do not need any flexibility to finish the arm lock when stacked and that all you need to do is position your hips correctly and off balance your opponent. Check it out the video and then we will break down the technique.

Getting stacked when you go for the arm lock is always a problem. Tom DeBlass believes stacking is a better option than trying to rip your arm out. When you try to rip your arm out your extend your arm, giving your opponent an opportunity to finish easier. However when a BJJ player stacks and then pulls their arm out it can become a real problem. Not only do they free their arm but they end up in a dominant position to pass the guard. You want to avoid that as much as you can. When you are in the arm lock position and your partner starts stacking you, what you want to look to do is come over the head without your outside leg and lock his shoulder. You still have the arm lock, but your partner will have a tougher time pulling his arm out. So, remember to pull your leg out to the same side trap and lock your legs. Now you can pinch the arm and continue to look for the arm bar as your training partner stacks. Feed you hand through to the inside and pull yourself towards your partner. Once you are here you have another angle, so you can bring your leg back out. The extension that you look for now is away from your partner.

This is a very simple and effective tip for finishing the arm bar while getting stacked. Most of the time this is how you are going to have to attack the arm bar, due to your training partner’s knowledge of stacking to avoid the submission. Remember this one the next time you are in a live roll and it will surely help to give you a more effective arm bar.

Tom DeBlass is one of the most accomplished American Grapplers on the planet... and it known for his closed guard and half guard. He uses to closed guard to frustrate and trap stronger bigger opponents into tons of submission attempts and sweeps. Learn the closed guard secrets of one of the best grapplers and Frustrate and destroy all of your competition with simple and "slow down" concepts that Tom Deblass teaches to hold back even the most explosive and toughest grapplers on the planet.



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