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Gordon Ryan Is Changing The BJJ Instructional Game



BJJ instructionals are changing the way that we learn jiu-jitsu. With segments of instruction from the best in the world, we can close the gap (with a little practice of course) between ourselves and theses incredible icons. Instructionals gives us the opportunity to learn at our pace and the ability to stop and start as we wish, taking as much time as needed to digest any technique we choose, in any order. This is an incredibly effective way to learn the ins and outs of these elite level practitioners and try to recruit the concepts that make them so successful in to our own games. 

A standard instructional usually includes a structured road map of a particular skillset. Leg locks for example. With an instructional like John Danaher’s Enter the System Leg Lock edition, were treated to hours of systemized ways to navigate this particular part of the body and its many attacks. Danaher begins with different themes and builds, touching on a multitude of transitions, reactions, and ways to submit our training partner’s and opponents via lower body attacks. Danaher’s material is outstandingly detailed and we get to absorb this detail at our leisure. This format is very conducive to learning and will add considerable value to your game. With that being said, there is a new instructional format emerging that may propel the way we learn from instructionals in to a different atmosphere. 

Gordon Ryan’s performance at the ADCC 2019 World Championships this year was nothing short of magical. In his second trip to the Olympics of grappling, Ryan was able to achieve double gold, winning his division and also the absolute, a pretty rare and special accomplishment. Ryan was razor sharp throughout the competition, working his way through the brackets with incredible composure. Ryan’s level of intelligence when it comes to grappling is otherworldly. On several occasions I’ve had the pleasure of watching him teach. There’s just something different about Ryan’s understanding of the sport and how it works. His strategic knowledge is second to none and his ability to adapt to any competitor’s game and exploit their weaknesses is a unique weapon in Ryan’s arsenal. At such a young age its hard to believe that this could only be the beginning of the Kings reign. 

Where instructionals are concerned, we’ve already been treated to an inside look at Ryan’s game in a systemized format, but now with the release of Ryan’s new series, My Evolution Your Revolution, we’re going to begin learning from Ryan in a new and exciting way.

This release is a complete breakdown with lessons and analysis of Ryan’s 2019 ADCC performance. An exciting prospect indeed, this material takes us on a trip through one of Ryan’s most successful performances of his career and provides a look at what made this run so memorable from a technique standpoint. Take a look at this sample from Ryan’s match with Vinicius Gazola. Here, Ryan discusses his intentions as they relate to his opponent’s reactions and what ultimately ended up transpiring between these two great competitors.  Check this out!


Narrating the exchanges between himself and Gazola, Ryan takes us on a voyage, detailing the specifics of the match and what made it a successful endeavor for him. What’s very interesting about this idea is that rather than sequential techniques in a specific order, Ryan is guiding us through the encounter with a resisting body in mind. He gives us insight into common reactions, his initial thoughts on where he was headed next, and the variables that lead him to his decisions in controlling the flow of the match.

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Maybe you recognize some of the techniques that Ryan is using in this video from his previous instructionals. But what I love about this concept is that we can see these techniques in action and how they’re responded to by an opposing party, which also leads us to adaptation from Ryan. I believe this ability to adapt is one of the most exciting and important parts of his game. I love how Ryan gives us alternate ideas to think about. For example, after gaining position, he’ll give us a specific path to consider with different options and then based on his opponent’s reaction, he’ll show us what actually ended up happening. These alternate ideas can be really helpful from a situational standpoint. 

Here’s another segment from the series dealing with Ryan’s match against Tim Spriggs. Take a look!


My Evolution Your Revolution by Gordon Ryan

Ryan is definitely on to something here. We’ve experienced match narration before, but actually recreating the events, is a new concept, and something I feel can have massive positive effects on the learning experience. This is yet another great contribution to the sport from one of its greatest icons in Ryan. Check out My Evolution Your Revolution By Gordon Ryan!



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