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Got injuries? Give BJJ a chance to heal you.

Got injuries? Give BJJ a chance to heal you.


I always get excited when I meet someone out in public who wants to talk about BJJ with me. From their perspective, I probably seem like a kid about to eat their favorite ice cream. I enjoy talking about it, of course, and I always try to get a feel for how serious someone is about making their way to the mats. There are several common rebuttals that serve as road blocks when I’m trying to recruit the next BJJ practitioner. Everyone loves jiu-jitsu, not everyone knows it yet.

I’d have to say one of the top 3 reasons for not training I’m commonly met with is an old ailment- “I have a herniated disc,” “I have an old knee injury,” I broke my foot in college.” You name it. Now understand, I’m not a doctor, nor do I encourage anything reckless that would lead to the prolonging of an injury, a misstep in recovery, or make your particular injury worse. What I can say is this. I’ve known many people that started BJJ for the sole purpose of rehabbing their bodies. I’m not referring to full out combat at the onset of training. I’m talking about the slow introduction of a discipline that can be incredibly healing to your body.

I have seen major injuries mend themselves with the aid of BJJ. I’ve witnessed hundreds of pounds lost, back injuries disappear, and that chronic sciatic pain nowhere to be found after those first few months. Many people tend to let injuries define them, sometimes for the rest of their lives. This saddens me. If you’ve condemned yourself to a life of inactivity due to an accident 20 years ago and have never attempted to make a lifestyle change since, you could be missing out on a lot.

As I’ve discussed before, humans need to move. When we get injured the tendency is to do the opposite. If you don’t give your body a reason to heal itself, why would it? BJJ is the perfect answer to combat and overcome a sedentary lifestyle. It’s complete use of the body and all it’s resources is unlike anything else.

If you know someone who’s stuck in this mental state and needs a lifestyle change, introduce them to BJJ. You may end up responsible for the most beneficial life change they ever make.

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