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Hidden BJJ Secret, The Reverse Triangle

Hidden BJJ Secret, The Reverse Triangle


The triangle choke is one of the most popular submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but the triangle chokes close relative, the reverse triangle is often forgotten and extremely underutilized.  The reverse triangle has been proven as one of the most effective, simple, and sneaky submissions in bjj.  Black Belt World Champion, Braulio Estima, has been one of the few high level competitors to use this submission and he has succeeded in submitting the best grapplers in the world with it.  Some of them include Marcelo Garcia, and Andre Galvao.

We like to think if it works on people like Galvao and Garcia, than it is definitely a legitimate submission.   The reverse triangle is one of the hidden bjj secrets that you can sneak on someone and make their lives very miserable.  You can implement this submission from bottom side control and you can do it from top side control.

The Reverse Triangle from Bottom

The more popular variation of the reverse triangle is the one from bottom side control.   This is one of the sneakiest and most effective submissions in bjj and probably the best one from bottom side control. What makes it so good? Many times, after your opponent has passed your guard, they are not anticipating a submission threat so they may be unaware of the submission.  This allows you the element of surprise. 

The reverse triangle also works so well because of the natural placement of somebody when they are on top of you in side control.  It is very easy to catch them in the position, especially if they are unaware.  This position can also happen from transitions.  So, as your opponent is passing your guard, you may be able to set it up and allow them to think they are passed just to attack the submission. If you are not familiar with the regular triangle choke, it is wise to learn it first so check out our article “Triangle Choke.”  Also, check out the king of reverse triangles, Braulio Estima, displaying his variation and finish from bottom below.

The Reverse Triangle from Top

The reverse triangle is also an excellent position from top side control for many of the same reasons that it works form bottom.  It is not a very common position, especially from top, so many people may naturally put themselves in position where they are vulnerable to the reverse triangle.  Check out our article “Travis Stevens Sneaky Reverse Triangle.”

From the top position, you can chain together several submissions and use the reverse triangle almost as a pin.  Some people like to set up arm bars, wrist locks, and kimuras from the reverse triangle whether it’s from bottom or top, but these submissions are more effective on top.  One of the best ways to get to the reverse triangle from top is to threaten a kimura and this will allow you to take advantage of your opponent and throw them in a double submission.  Check out this set up on the reverse triangle from top below.

If you want to learn some more hidden bjj secrets, get your hands on Braulio Estima’s DVD set, “Invisible Triangle concepts by Braulio Estima.”   Braulio is known for having an extremely sneaky system of attacks that is relatively unorthodox.  He has triangles chokes from everywhere including his infamous reverse triangle. Estima has proven his game effective through years of high level competition.


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