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Triangle to Arm Bar, The Arm Bar to Triangle

Triangle to Arm Bar, The Arm Bar to Triangle


The Triangle choke and the arm bar are some of the best and most popular submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA.  There is a reason why these are such high level submissions that almost any bjj practitioner does.  They are extremely effective, simple, and versatile.  Check out our article, “The Three Most Versatile Submissions” to learn more on their versatility.

The triangle and arm bar are not only versatile and effective but they also supplement each other extremely well.  You can transition flawlessly from a triangle to an arm bar and from an arm bar to a triangle and you can do this from several different positions.  Many people figure out how to go from one to the other very early in their Jiu Jitsu journeys.

Triangle to Arm Bar

The triangle to arm bar has long been one of the best options in bjj and MMA.  What makes this such a powerful transition?  The triangle to arm bar is effective because anytime you transition from one submission to another; you can catch your opponent off guard.  Many people when defending the triangle choke will give up their arm accidentally because it is very difficult to avoid getting their arm extended, this makes the arm bar an excellent option.

The reason it is so easy to isolate the arm and attack an arm bar from a triangle is because your opponent only has one arm to defend and you can double up on your opponent’s one arm.  This will give you the leverage and strength necessary to attack that arm whether or not your opponent is stronger than you.  The triangle to arm bar is a great option for smaller guys against bigger guys.  Check out our article solely on the “Triangle Choke” here. Also, if you’re having problems defending the arm bar, check out Dean Listers arm bar defense video below.

Arm Bar to Triangle

The arm bar to triangle is also an excellent transition for many of the same reasons that the triangle to arm bar is so effective.  When you have your opponent in an arm bar, many times, they will do anything they can to get up and stack you.  This will provide an opportunity to throw your leg over their head and attack a triangle as they come up. 

Not only will you be able to attack the triangle, but you will most likely already have their arm across so your triangle will be extremely tight.  The arm will be across because as they struggle to come up, you can bring it across.  Another option to go from an arm bar to a triangle is if you are having difficulty breaking your opponents grip (maybe they are stronger than you), you can thread your leg in and let them come up into a triangle.

If you want to add some of these techniques to your arsenal, check out Gregor Gracies DVD set, “High Level Fundamentals.”  Gregor Gracie has competed at the highest levels of bjj and had success with “old school” techniques.  His game is all about fundamentals.  He has simple, efficient, and effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.



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