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Three of the Most Versatile Submissions

Three of the Most Versatile Submissions


In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today people typically train both gi and nogi.  In order to develop a good bjj game in both gi and nogi, you have to develop your game so that it transfers from one to the other.  In order to have your bjj transcend from gi to nogi, you need a versatile game with versatile submissions.

Three of the most versatile submissions are the arm bar, the triangle choke, and the guillotine.  These submissions are not very grip dependent and work extremely well in gi, nogi, and MMA.  These are some of the first submissions that the bjj practitioner will learn and are some of the most effective.  We recently wrote a good post on “The Three Best Submissions from Knee on Belly,” so if you want to sharpen knee on belly specifically, give it a read.

The Versatility of the Arm Bar

The arm bar is one of the best submissions in bjj period.  It is constantly being utilized at the highest levels of gi, nogi, and MMA.  The arm bar is one of the highest percentage submissions, so in order to have a versatile game that works well in any grappling format; it is paramount to work on your arm bar.

Why is the arm bar so versatile?  It is not a very grip dependent submission, on the contrary, you can apply it just as well in nogi or MMA as you can with the gi.  Many UFC fights have been ended with an arm bar, and many grappling matches in Judo, Sambo, and bjj have been ended with arm bars.  If you want to check out an awesome arm bar entry, check out UFC fighter, Demian Maia’s entry from side control below.

The Versatility of the Triangle

When we use the term “versatile,” we are referring to the fact that these submissions work just as well in gi, nogi, MMA, sambo, or other grappling arts.  The triangle choke may be the most versatile submission there is. 

Like the arm bar, it is not very grip dependent, although there are some incredible set ups in the gi that do take advantage of the grips, they are not a necessity. The triangle is one of the best and highest percentage submissions in the UFC.  Anderson Silva used a triangle to defeat Chael Sonnen in one of their epic match ups. If you want to learn a cool new triangle set up, check out this entry from Dillon Danis.

The Versatility of the Guillotine

The Guillotine is another incredible option to develop your gi and nogi game.  The guillotine is actually more difficult in the gi than without it, but is still an incredible submission in the gi. The guillotine is also one of the best submissions in MMA.

Why is it so versatile?  In MMA many opponents shoot takedowns and the guillotine presents itself very often when this occurs.  Contrary to popular belief, the guillotine is also very effective in the gi although it is a bit more difficult like we mentioned above.  Some people assume the lapels get in the way, but you can still sneak the guillotine. Check out this set up from the guillotine king, Marcelo Garcia, below.

Another way to develop a versatile game is to work on taking the back.  There are several submissions that are extremely high percentage from the back in gi, nogi, and MMA.  We recently wrote a post breaking down back control and attacks, if you’d like to give it a read, click here.  Also, if you want to take your submission game to the next level, check out 5x Black Belt World Champion, Bernardo Faria’s DVD, “High Percentage Submissions.”



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