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Three of the Best Takedowns for bjj

Three of the Best Takedowns for bjj


Takedowns are a critical part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  In order to be a well-rounded bjj practitioner, you have to be able to take your opponent down.  Bjj is widely criticized for having “butt scooters” or “guard pullers.”  Takedowns are important to know for self-defense, sport, and MMA.

Three of the best takedowns for bjj are the single leg, the double leg, and the ankle pick.  These three takedowns are imperative to learn, and are all you need to bring your opponent to the ground.  The single leg and double leg are the highest percentage takedowns in bjj, MMA, and wrestling.

The Double Leg for bjj

The double leg takedown is widely regarded as the best and most important takedown in any form of combat sports.  Bjj, MMA, wrestling, and the majority of grappling arts consider the double leg the highest percentage takedown in sport, or self-defense.

The double leg is one of the first takedowns you learn in bjj or in wrestling.  There are so many different entries to the double leg in bjj.  You can set it up while playing guard or you can set it up from standing.  We recently wrote an entire article dedicated to the double leg takedown.  If you’d like to check it out click here, also, check out this dog fight sweep from the half guard that ends with a double leg takedown to sweep your opponent.

The Single Leg for bjj

The single leg is also one of the most important takedowns for bjj or MMA.  The hard part of developing a good single leg is being able to find good entries, create angles, and capture a leg.  Once you get a hold of your opponent’s leg, there is a multitude of different ways to finish the takedown.

The single leg is one of the best takedowns to set up from a guard.  For example, there are several sit up sweeps from De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, Half Guard, Butterfly Guard, and many other positions that utilize the single leg to sweep.  You can also utilize the single leg or double leg as an escape tactic.  Many people escape side control by setting up single legs or double legs.  If you want to learn more about the single leg takedown, check out or post breaking down the single leg here.  Also, check out this great instructional breaking down the single leg below.

The Ankle Pick for bjj

The ankle pick is another exceptional option to get your opponent to the ground in bjj.  The ankle pick has been proven to work at the highest levels by the likes of Marcelo Garcia, Rafa Mendes, Gui Mendes, and other Black Belt World Champions.

What makes the ankle pick so good?  The ankle pick, like the single leg and double leg, can also be used from guard. It is a very aggressive attack.  You can use the ankle pick while your opponent has grips, and you don’t need to close as much distance for it.  This makes it a fast and high percentage option from many positions.  Check out this video from Marcelo Garcia showing an ankle pick entry.

If you really want to sharpen your stand up and incorporate a more developed takedown game, check out Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens DVD set, “The Judo Academy.”

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