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Holy Crap!! - Rafael Formiga Barbosa VS Yuri Simoes

Holy Crap!! - Rafael Formiga Barbosa VS Yuri Simoes


Rafael Formiga VS Yuri Simoes was one of the most epic BJJ matches of all time.

Rafael Formiga Barbosa is one of the most seasoned and awarded BJJ Competitors of all time. Getting his black belt at only 19 years old... and competing since he was a 11 in the ADULT division makes him one of the toughest competitors on the mat.

Formiga is used to being the little guy, hell Formiga means "Little Ant". So when he goes up against ADCC Champion and POWER HOUSE Yuri Simoes, it's so surprise that Formiga finds a way to win the match with only 15 seconds left.

This is the final battle for a $5,000 Cash Prize with BJJ Open. If you know Formiga, when there's money on the line... he guuunna get his money... and move to Texas ;)

It's one of the most exciting BJJ Matches you will ever see!

Formiga has one the most incredible butterfly guards in the world. His ability to always find a hook and get back to guard is insane, and evident by that match! He has a lot of attacks from the butterfly guard including a ton of sweeps and submissions.

He's a got a great look choke and arm bar from butterfly guard as well. Not only are his sweeps and submissions awesome, but what's really cool about Formiga's guard is how he sets up his attack. It's a very slippery and fluid game. Formiga makes Jiu Jitsu look easy.

Formiga's approach to butterfly guard also gives him many entries into x guard and deep half guard. He uses these 3 guards to deal with bigger and stronger grapplers. His secret is the use of his butterfly hook.

Formiga now shares all of his best butterfly guard techniques and tips that will help you use this dynamic and versatile guard system in a 2 part DVD Series. Here's what it included:

Volume 1: Butterfly Sweeps and Counters

  • Mnay Butterfly Guard Entries
  • x2 Ankle Pick Sweeps
  • Counter To Pressuring Smash Passes
  • The Butterfly Guard "Fly" Sweep
  • Arm lock From Butterfly Sweep
  • Counter To Under hook Pass
  • Break dance Sweep
  • Over / Under Pressue Pass Counter
  • Butterfly Duck Under to Back Control
  • Duck Under Sweep
  • Torreando Counter
  • Butterfly Sweep Variations

Volume  2: X Guard and Deep Half

  • Entrance To X Guard From Butterfly Guard
  • The Best X Guard Sweep
  • X Guard Backup Sweep
  • X Guard Step over Sweep
  • X Guard Sweep To Double Under
  • Fake 50 / 50 Sweep
  • Technical Standup to Guard Pass from 50/50
  • X Guard To Deep Half Guard To Sweep
  • 50/50 Guard Sweep
  • 50/50 To The Back
  • 50/50 To Guard Pass
  • 50/50 To Leg Drag Pass



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