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How The Black Belt Open Class Jiu Jitsu Champion Prepares Mentally


How The Black Belt Open Class Jiu Jitsu Champion Prepares Mentally:

In this video 5x Black Belt World Champion and 2015 Open Class Champion Bernardo Faria discusses his mental approach to fight day.
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    The most surprising revelation in the video: He really has no plan on fight day, instead he reflects on his training and the difficulty of his training is what gives him confidence and strength on fight day.
    So what makes his training so difficult?:
    Bernardo trains at one of the most competitive gyms in the world: Marcelo Garcia’s Gym in New York City.  There are Pan and World Champions at all belt levels everywhere you look and perhaps the best competitor of all time, Marcelo Garcia himself, not only running the show but jumping into training all the time.
    During the warmup, Bernardo is planning who he is going to ask to train with him.  He wants the best guys and he wants to get them when he is tired: meaning he wants to put himself at a tremendous disadvantage in training – he will be rolling for 8 minutes with only 2 minutes rest and fighting one “killer” after another – this regimen will be tougher than the actual tournament schedule where there is often 20-30 minutes between matches.  He also revealed a little gem that most competitors wouldn’t likely admit: he loses all the time in training: his guard gets passed, he taps, but it doesn’t seem to bother him.  He isn’t trying to win training, he is trying to get better – there is a huge distinction.  Training this hard gives Bernardo the confidence to go into battle.
     In 2015 he infers that he lost many times in the gym, but the record shows that in tournaments he didn’t lose once.  For many people who pick and choose their training partners in the gym so they can “win” – this approach offers an interesting paradox.
     To study Bernardo’s Escapes check out: 

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