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The Greatest Jiu JItsu Matches Since 2012


The Greatest Jiu JItsu Matches Since 2012

–          10. Bruno Malfucine Beats Joao Miyao for his 6th IBJJF Black Belt World Title in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  This Match featured lots of action from Berimbolo, Lasso Guard, 50/50 Guard, Passing. It was a back and forth battle that came down to the last minute.

–          9. JT Torres beats Michael Langhi in the 2014 Worlds Semi Finals: A back and forth barnburner with JT beating Michael for the first time.  Guard Passing and Back Takes were on display here:

–          8.    Davi Ramos vs Lucas Lepri – 2015 ADCC.  This was a quick one but the ending was absolutely spectacular.  Ramos hit Lepri with a devastating flying armbar that brought the crowd to its feet.  The match was a bit of an upset:

–          7.  Lucas Lepri vs. Roberto Satoshi – 2014 Worlds:  Lepri’s Knee Cut Passing was front and center here as he absolutely put on a clinic.  He just piled up points vs. Satoshi and won easily.  We included this match because it showcases Lepri’s passing skills – which might be the best in the game.  He beat an elite opponent 20-0 and if you like studying matches to learn, watch this one:

–          6. Bernardo Faria vs. Leandro Lo – 2015 Pan Ams.  This was a tough match that many insiders had Lo winning easy.  Lo’s Spider Guard and Torriando Passing was seen as being unstoppable and he built a quick early lead on Bernardo.  But then Bernrado’s Half Guard Sweeps and Pressure passing took hold and he was able to submit Leandro with a lapel choke:

–          5. Leandro Lo vs. Keenan Cornelius: 2015 Worlds – Keenan unveiled the Worm Guard to the world by using it to beat Leandro at the 2014 Worlds but this day was Leandro’s as he used his sweeps and non stop cardio to win the day:

–   4. Rodolfo Viera vs. Felipe “Preguica” Pena: 2015 ADCC – This was a battle of Takedowns, Takedown Defense and pure



–          3. Eddie Bravo vs. Royler Gracie: Metamoris:  This much anticipated battle lived up to the hype as Eddie came years later to clearly better Royler in this match that ended up in a draw.  Eddie put the 10th Planet moves for the world to see as he swept Royler with an Electric Chair from Half Guard, used a Calf Crusher called a “Vaporizer” and went on to sweep Royler multiple times.


–          2. Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida vs. Rodolfo Viera:  in a semi final match from the 2012 World Championships – This Battle Royale came down to the last few seconds when Buchecha landed a Double Leg Takedown on the way to win his first of 3 straight Open Class titles.  This match got a chance to show both the bottom and top games of both guys – Rodolfo swept from Omaplata and then used a slick leg drag pass, Buchecha had a great sweep from half guard when he was smashed with an underhook and then the takedown to win.

–          1. Kron Gracie vs. Gary Tonon 2013 ADCC – this match featured both guys landing back takes with hooks, Kron mounted Gary, Gary had a crazy escape from a straight armlock that was extended fully.  One of the greatest back and forth matches we have ever seen:

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