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How The Internet Has Changed Jiu-Jitsu

How The Internet Has Changed Jiu-Jitsu


 Is the internet a good resource for your jiu jitsu?

When jiu-jitsu has just started to become popular (say 1993, when Royce Gracie wins UFC 1), there was not much on an internet to be known of. Our old favorite, AOL ISP had just began service in 1989. And it cost to use by the hour or day. It was the good old age of dial up internet, with the introduction of 14.4kbs dial up modems in 1991, and 56k modems coming around in 1996. I bet a lot of you reading this probably do not remember what dial up internet was!

Now a days, we have the internet at the tips of our fingers. Anything in the world can be looked up within seconds. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram; all at the ready to give us information.Technique, competition video, laughs, inspiration, and entertainment, all pertaining to jiu-jitsu, just seconds away.

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But, what has this done for the people training jiu-jitsu? For most of us, I believe it has added an undeniable amount of value. It has opened the door for a vast amount of information to be passed from one person to another, within the blink of an eye. How has it helped you? Where would you be without it?

Let's take technique, as one example. We all use YouTube to look up technique videos, right? Well, if you started to train jiu-jitsu in 2004, there was no YouTube. YouTube started in 2005, let alone contain any videos on jiu-jitsu technique. Even the first jiu-jitsu technique oriented materials did not come to market until the mid 1990s. That is a weird thing to think about right? Not being able to call up videos to watch if you have a question? Or if you are bored?!?

Also, the introduction of social media to the jiu-jitsu community has been a big factor on getting people, and keeping people training jiu-jitsu. Popular social media personalities, such as Tom DeBlass, use the social media platform to share stories, inspire, and motivate us all to train harder, smarter, and to be better jiu-jitsu players overall. Social media also opens a funny side to jiu-jitsu, with many meme pages dedicated to the struggles, fallacies, and realness of jiu-jitsu. With the internet, doctors, professionals, artists, and your everyday person all have the ability to share what they think about jiu-jitsu. Some of it good, and some of it bad. But it all has the ability to affect how we feel about jiu-jitsu, which did not exist a short time ago.

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The internet is a powerful, scary, and an absolute resource for us training jiu-jitsu. It has a large effect on our training. Just imagine your training without it. Can you? Sure we all would get by, and still learn, but it would be very different than it is now.

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