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Take Someone Down Tonight with This Simple and Effective Takedown from Thiago Ximenes

Take Someone Down Tonight with This Simple and Effective Takedown from Thiago Ximenes


 Easy to implement for you, not so much for your opponent

As newer students of BJJ, we’re constantly looking for ways to simplify the takedown game. There’s so much to learn and with no prior take down experience, it’s a whole different animal than the ground, making it downright overwhelming.

I’ve discussed in the past the importance of basic wrestling, and I believe It can take you quite far in gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of the takedown game. Basic wrestling is user friendly, simple to understand, and provides you with a jumping off point for expansion.

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The gi in itself is another story for takedowns. Here the judo style throws and a multitude of grip-sets come into play, which can make things a bit more interesting, and difficult.

In this video Bernardo Faria catches up with Thiago Ximenes. Ximenes shows a super simple take down in the gi that requires no shedding of grips or any fancy foot work. Have a look at it here:

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Ximenes acquires what’s probably the most recognizable grip-set on the feet in combat sports, the sleeve and collar. By simply hooking Faria’s leg to keep it in place until his hand gets there, Ximenes is able to create an off-balancing situation for his opponents. Keeping Faria’s leg firmly in place he’s then able to apply pressure to the upper body, forcing the takedown.

I can’t stress enough how important it Is to keep things simple. This certainly applies to beginners, but even as we progress, simple is always better. As we progress the way we move our bodies becomes much more advanced, and our simple techniques become much better and much more efficient. Keep this in mind as you make your way through the ranks. In the meantime, try this amazingly effective takedown on your training partner tonight! Get to work!

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