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How To Beat The Bigger Guys

How To Beat The Bigger Guys


Jiu Jitsu is often touted as the martial art that is designed to help the smaller person overtake the larger attacker. 

While this is not necessarily inaccurate, there are certainly questions that come in to play when we really dive into this.  What happens if the attacker is also trained in a martial art? What if they also train Jiu Jitsu? What if we get really crazy and start talking about the absolute division in Jiu Jitsu tournaments?  How does one beat a larger opponent?

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Luckily, we have Bruno Malfacine here to walk us through his thoughts on how the little guy can overtake the bigger opponent in his video clip “How to Beat the Bigger Opponent: Butterfly Collar Drag to Arm Bar”.  Let’s take a look at how he does this. 

Starting in a seated position with his partner kneeling on one knee with one foot planted Bruno is looking to get a grip on the Gi Pant of the leg that is planted and a cross collar grip with the other hand.   He then makes sure that his right leg (leg on the same side as the arm being used for the collar grip) is between the opponent’s legs and his other leg is outside of the opponent’s posted leg. Bruno is now looking to pull his opponent to the opposite side of their posted leg using his cross collar grip.  This will require the opponent to post out on their left hand in this case. As he pulls the opponent over he is also scooting closer to the posted leg ensuring he keeps his right foot behind the opponent’s posted foot until he is able to come up to his knees first, lifting the opponent’s posted foot off of the ground and ultimately continuing to drive into them as he steps up to his feet keeping the opponent’s leg trapped between his as he comes up for the single leg. 

From here Bruno steps his inside leg to the outside of his opponent’s leg and steps forward over the opponent’s bottom leg.  This then forces the opponent to their back and sets up the opportunity to take side control if you so choose. Bruno is looking to get an armbar however and is not as interested in gaining top side control position.  In order to achieve the arm bar from here Bruno uses his opponent’s frame against them by grabbing the arm that the opponent is using to frame with on his collar and quickly steps close to the arm and then slides right into the arm bar throwing his outside leg over the opponent’s head and securing the submission. 

Bruno has proved his ability to dominate much much larger opponent’s while weighing in at a light 127 pounds.  You too can learn the secrets that have led to his success in dominating and destroying 200 plus pound monsters that nearly double his size.  Bruno is pulling back the curtains and showing you all of his tips and tricks that have helped him along the way in his video instructional titled “How to beat bigger guys”.  There is no doubt that these techniques will work for you no matter your size, or your opponent’s size.  So often I think that smaller Jiu Jitsu practitioners work harder than the bigger ones because they feel they have a size disadvantage, but can you imagine how deadly the bigger grapplers could be if they focused on the same body mechanics and movements as the little guys?  If you are a bigger grappler, challenge yourself to learn to move like a smaller, lighter grappler and watch your game explode into something you likely never thought was possible.  

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If you are naturally a smaller grappler, that doesn’t mean you can pack on some muscle and be as fit for battle as possible.  Here are a few options to consider if that’s the route you are looking to go. 

Tom DeBlass compiled his diet and fitness plan into a 12 week easy to follow step by step guide titled “Ripped in 12 weeks Intermittent Fasting & Easy Bodyweight Fitness” – by Tom DeBlass.  This video guide is proven to help you shed those unwanted pounds while maintaining your strength.  With this video instructional purchase you will also get access to a private Facebook group where you will be able to interact with Tom and others on a journey like yours.   You could also explore Gordon Ryan’s “Getting Swole as a Grappler” which will help you learn the secrets of the most defective weight management including cuts and gains.  These are the secrets previously reserved for professional athletes only. If you look back at pictures of Gordon, he has worked his way from 163 pound skinny kid all the way up to a 232 pound monster, and then cut down to the chiseled 194 pounds that you see him in many of his fights.  

 No matter what you decide to do, make sure it aligns with your grappling goals and isn’t setting you up for injury with overworking certain muscles. Find something that works for you and supplement your training when you can so that when you meet your match in technique, you have the advantage in strength.  

Join 10x World Champion Bruno Malfacine, and learn how to beat bigger opponents with ease! Check out his DVD "How To Beat Bigger Guys" from BJJ Fanatics. These techniques will make your time on the mats a lot more efficient and effective! Have a look here!



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