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How to Catch the Triangle While Passing Guard

How to Catch the Triangle While Passing Guard


Pass The Guard, And Quickly Submit!

One of the last things people usually think about while passing the guard is catching submissions. This is because it is usually difficult enough to pass a guard, let alone considering what potential submissions could be caught. People who attack submissions when passing the guard are individuals who have been around for a while have the experience to understand the safety and mechanics of these attacks.

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Because there is a greater distance to cover when attacking submissions while passing the guard, the attacker must be skilled with timing to be successful. For example, the rolling kimura attack requires the attacker to move at the precise moment that he has the wrist and the defender’s elbow is slightly elevated. They usually only have a second or two to see this and attack appropriately.

One submission that can be attacked from the guard that many grapplers are not aware of is the triangle. The triangle is unique in this case as it is a submission usually attacked while on our backs such as in the guard. However, when inspected, all the triangle really requires is the head and one arm. Anytime you can isolate a head and arm, the triangle is potential submission to be attacked.

In the following video by John Danaher, the triangle from the guard passing position is illustrated as a response to when the defender posts with their arm.

A couple important details to consider with this triangle is foot placement before jumping. If you notice, John’s left foot is placed on the outside of the legs as opposed to the inside. If the foot is on the inside, there is a chance that it can get stuck while jumping. The other detail, although less significant, is to try to land on the elbow. Defenders can have many responses to this move and remaining on your elbow is vital to allow you to counter their defensive reactions.

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Before attempting this technique in rolling or competition, you must have drilled it many times because if done wrong, you can injure your opponent. Also, another submission to consider that can be attacked the same way, is the armbar, the triangle’s cousin.

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