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John Danaher Demonstrates the Side Triangle Using the Guard Pass and the Kimura

John Danaher Demonstrates the Side Triangle Using the Guard Pass and the Kimura


A Snippet Into Danaher's Newest Release!

John Danaher is back with his latest release from his “Enter the System” series. This time we’re getting an inside look into his triangle system. I will say that before all of this content was released, I was able to watch a very short video from the series that was released on YouTube. That small clip instantly changed the way I looked at the basic triangle set up, and improved my rate of finishing literally overnight. I’ve since shared the detail with several of my students, and they’ve had similar results. So, with that being said, I’m expecting nothing less than my head exploding now that we have the ability to view the rest of the content.

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So, let's take a look at something from the triangle series. In this particular clip, Danaher is using a guard pass in combination with a kimura to land himself in a nice triangle that you may not be too familiar with. Check it out!

Danaher begins with a very common passing theme. He jockeys for position until he can get his right leg up the middle of his partners seated guard. He then rotates his body to assume a position where a kimura lock can be acquired. He gently rolls over his partners head and to the backside of his body. As his partner attempts to roll away from him, Danaher slides his bottom leg under his partner and uses it to elevate his partners elbow. He then passes his top leg over the head in the fashion of an arm bar penetrates it through the loop of his partners arms.

Danaher continues by extending his bottom leg. This removes the structure from under his partner and causes him to collapse down to the mat. With the help of his bottom leg, Danaher rotates to a belly down position extending his legs to achieve maximum length from them. He then returns to a position where he is facing his partner’s legs and can easily complete the triangle lock.

Mind blown… again. Maybe you’ve seen this before, but the details are impeccable, and not overly complicated. Can’t wait to see more!

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