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How To Have A Sick Guard For BJJ In Your 30s, 40s, and 50s

How To Have A Sick Guard For BJJ In Your 30s, 40s, and 50s


Daniel Beleza is the old man ever to appear in the finals of the BJJ World Championships. Not only is he a great teacher of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he is also a very accomplished competitor representing the Sazinho Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy.

Daniel has picked up 4x IBJJF World Masters titles, 4x Pan American Championships as well as multiple titles over the years in New York, Boston and Miami - a really impressive list of achievements. Following a certain Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt trend at the turn of the millennium, Daniel Beleza made the transition across the United States to coach and compete.

Want To Have A “Sick” Guard In Your 30s, 40s, & 50s.. – Even If You Aren’t Strong Or Flexible?


Having been a black belt since 2000, Daniel Beleza truly is a legend of the sport. He knows what it takes to have a good guard in your “masters” years, even if you are not strong or flexible. Daniel has a great instructional series called “The Masters Guard” available exclusively on In this series, Daniel lets you in on all his trade secrets that make him one of the best guard players in the world at the masters level. Daniel quickly and easily wrecks his opponents with a ton of great chokes, triangles, omoplatas and more. It is all a part of his “master” plan, which you can gain insight into and quickly improve your game! So what makes Daniel’s guard so good? Let’s find out! Here are 3 techniques for mastering your guard game.

#1: Loop Choke From Double Under

Often times you will see Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors get incredibly focused on the pass and forget that they can also be submitted. This position works really well because it tricks your training partner into thinking he is going to be able to go for the over under pass, which gives you an opportunity to hit the loop choke. In this scenario, Daniel Beleza’s training partner has secured double under hooks on his legs. He first establishes his grips, using a cross collar grip to trick his partner into passing to the side Daniel wants to attack the choke from. As soon has his opponent tries to pass, Daniel opens his legs, and connects his elbow with his hand. Now he can swing his leg over his opponent’s neck, ending in a triangle. To finish the choke, all Daniel has to do is apply pressure.

#2: Triangle From Double Under

Here is another way to counter the double under when you are playing bottom guard. When his opponent has his double under hooks, and grips on the belt, Daniel first establishes his grips and creates some space. He grips the collar and his opponent’s arm, giving him the ability to sit up. His training partner counters by pulling his arm away to try and free it from Daniel’s grip. While this is happening, Daniel will trap his opponent with his legs, passes the arm across his body and locks up the triangle.

#3: Triangle Arm Bar from Double Under

Let’s take a look at one more technique for countering the double under pass from Daniel Beleza. Daniel opens his legs and scoots his butt away from his training partner to create some space. From here he can sit up and reach under his opponent’s arm, grabbing behind his elbow. He connects his hands and pulls his opponent’s elbow towards him while getting the arm trapped. Daniel controls the arm by keep it pressed against his neck. His legs are locked around his opponent’s back in the triangle position. Daniel uses his hands to apply pressure to the back of his training partner’s elbow, causing him to tap.

Talk about some simple, yet highly effective techniques for improving your guard! If you liked these techniques then be sure to check out Daniel Beleza’s instructional series called “The Masters Guard” available exclusively on! It is packed with tons of great advice for improving your guard well into your later years. If you struggle with the younger, more aggressive guys on the mats, then you will want to learn Daniel’s guard secrets. So check it out and make sure to give these 3 submissions a try the next time you are on the mats!

Daniel Beleza Is The Oldest Man Ever To Appear In The Finals Of The World Championships. Learn His “Nasty” Guard Sequences & Secrets To Quickly & Easily Wreck Everyone In Your Gym. Once you “get” these principles, your guard game will open up.



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