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How To Stabilize Mount And Finish With Submissions

How To Stabilize Mount And Finish With Submissions


Stabilizing The Mount and Its Concepts by Marco Barbosa

The mount position is an effective position in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to dominate your opponent and give yourself many options for hitting a successful submission. The thing about mount though is that if you do not know how to stabilizing yourself while on top it is likely very easy for the guy on bottom to bump you off, or at least break down your posture, making it difficult for you to attack. Today we are going to look at stabilizing the mount and its concepts by Marco Barbosa.

Marco Barbosa is one of the most infamous coaches in Brazil.  He is responsible for students such as Murilo Santana. His pressure is devastating. The mount is one of his favorite attacking positions for submissions. But the mount can be difficult to stabilize and there are definitely some concepts that most jiu jitsu students miss when attacking from the mount.


Marco Barbosa recommends that when in mount you want to stay low and connected to your training partner. Your head should be right next to his, and your belly should be pressuring down on him. Notice that when Barbosa’s training partner bridges he goes with him. If your opponent is very explosive or too flexible he will bump you off. Barbosa will change his positioning, climbing higher up on his opponent so that he is much above his head and his hips are right on his opponent’s chest. Now, when his opponent bridges it takes away all the power. He will not be able to turn because his head it stuck on the ground. From here pressure forward and control your opponent’s hips with your feet. These concepts are very important for having a good mount position.

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