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IBJJF Pan Ams 2019 Results

IBJJF Pan Ams 2019 Results


On March 24th 2019 the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation hosted the annual Pan Am Championships in Irvine California.

The Pan Ams are one of the most prestigious BJJ competitions with competitors from all over the world coming to test themselves against the best BJJ competitors in the world.

There were many standouts in the IBJJF 2019 Pan Ams, especially for the 2nd day finals of the Adult Black Belt Competitors.

Most notably was Lucas Hulk Barbosa. He placed double gold closing out his division with fellow Atos Competitor: Gustavo Batista. He faced Leandro Lo (6x IBJJF World Champ) in the open weight semi finals, and put on a performance of a lifetime by beating Lo by decision.

Speaking of Leandro Lo; one of the coolest matches of the day was Adam Wardzinski Vs Leandro Lo where Adam finished Lo with a bow and arrow choke. Adam went on to place 2nd in the heavyweight division.

As in every competition, we get to see what the top competitors are working on. This year featured many modern guard systems including 50/50 guard, single leg x, z guard and other variations.

Some other standouts where Otavio Sousa, author of Dynamic De La Riva Guard, from Gracie Barra who had exciting matches the whole Pan Am tournament, especially against Jamie Canuto. Otavio ended up placing second in the middleweight division.

The Miyao brothers were also hot in their division, Joao placing second and Paulo placing 4th.

We also see the return of Gabi Garcia to Women's BJJ competition, who competes today (3/25/2019) in the women's IBJJF Pan Ams Finals.

The Masters Division of the Pan Ams was also quite exciting with Soul Fighters Stand-out Rafael Formiga Barbosa making quick work of his competition, winning double gold in the Masters Division.

Overall, it was a very exciting year for the Pan Ams. The guard was the secret to many of the top competitors success showcasing how it has evolved and continues to evolve over the years.

Too see the full bracket results, check out the IBJJ website for the 2019 Pan Ams Results:


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