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Important Drills To Know For Nailing Arm Attacks

Important Drills To Know For Nailing Arm Attacks


Arm Attack Drills by Tom DeBlass

Let’s face it, we all love arm locks. There are just so many versatile ways to submit your opponent by wrapping up one of their arms and forcing their joints in the opposite direction they were designed to move in. One of the first things you learn in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is how to attack your opponent’s arms. What that in mind, it is probably a good idea to have some arm attack drills to keep the movement patterns fresh in your brain. And who better to learn from than an arm lock master?

Learn The Drilling Sequences & Secrets That Will Turbo Charge Your BJJ Development & Allow You To Get Better In Far Less Time from Tom DeBlass


If you are not familiar with Tom DeBlass then let me fill you in. Tom DeBlass’ list of grappling accomplishments is quite impressive. DeBlass is not only a high level Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt competitor; he is also one of the most sought after grappling instructors in the world. Tom has proved his immense skill set against some of the world’s top competitors, by medaling in notable international tournaments such as ADCC, Fight To Win Pro, the World Championship, the Pan American Championship, Grapplers Quest and more. Tom has also devoted five years of his career to pursue his MMA goals which landed him opportunities with two of the most prestigious organizations in the world, Bellator and the UFC.

Tom DeBlass has just released a new instructional DVD series on solo and partner drills available exclusively on BJJ Fanatics! Here Tom shows drills to help you increase your arm attacks and work on your fluidity. Watch the video below and then we will break down Tom’s drilling technique. Check it out now!

In the video above, Tom DeBlass shows a great arm attack drill from side control. He starts the technique off from top side control. DeBlass brings his leg in and switches his hip in order to get his training partner’s hand in the correct place. Then DeBlass switches his hips back after he has cleared his training partner’s arm. He is able to attack submissions from this position, and so in the drill you will start chaining together your submissions. First Tom traps the elbow to attack the Americana. From here your training partner will straighten their arm, mimicking the natural defense that would happen in a live roll. Now, Tom moves onto the straight arm lock. When his training partner defends this he goes to the kimura. Lastly, DeBlass moves to attack the arm bar, the omoplata and finally a triangle.

Remember, with this one you really want to make sure you are controlling your opponent in side control before you attack. Give this one a try the next time you are looking for some warm up drills before class. Believe it or not this one will leave you feeling pretty exhausted, and will really help improve your game overall!

Drilling Will Improve Your Skills 4-5 Times Faster Than Just Regular Sparring... Learn the drills that helped shape the career of one of the most decorated American Grapplers

These are great movement-based exercises that you can use to warm up, flow roll, or do on your own time to stay active and engaged on your own

Drills That You Can Practice With A Partner & Even On Your Own



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