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Improve Your Stand-up Game with Some Help from the Great Dan Vallimont

Improve Your Stand-up Game with Some Help from the Great Dan Vallimont


A Few Great Wrestling Takedowns For Your BJJ With An NCAA All American!

We know that great wrestling lends itself readily to BJJ. Many of the themes of wrestling crossover quite easily with little modification, and can assist you in creating a dynamic and dangerous stand up game. I feel that basic wrestling knowledge is essential to creating a great foundation for your stand-up game in BJJ. The concepts are easy to digest, and proven many times over.

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BJJ Fanatics has been working with Dan Vallimont on a new instructional. Vallimont is a decorated two- time NCAA All American wrestler. We couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store. Let’s look at a couple techniques from Vallimont to get us warmed up.

I love ankle picks. They’re sneaky, and effective, and many times they leave your opponent in awkward positions that allow us to advance with ease. Check this one out from Vallimont!

His partner begins by posting on Vallimont’s lead leg shoulder. Vallimont shucks the arm and acquires a two on one grip. Using the power of the two on one Vallimont can’t apply pressure downwards and force a level change. He allows his partner to gain head position, and invites him to circle around to square up. As he circles Vallimont can time the step of the lead leg, and set up the ankle pick. Awesome.

Here’s a slick fireman’s carry to check out!

Vallimont starts in an inside tie position, and use a penetration step to achieve a high crotch. From here Vallimont states that many will lock their hands around his waist. This sets him up perfectly for this variation of the fireman’s carry. He secures his partners wrist, steps up and rotates to a squat like position with his toes now facing inward towards his partner. From here he uses the thrust of his hips to throw his partner up and over his head. Super slick.

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BJJ player seem to less interested in the double leg. We commonly hear that the guillotine is too easy to snag from the attempted shot. But this isn’t the case if the set up is good and the timing is just right. If they see you barreling toward them from across the room for a double, then yes, your neck will certainly be an easy target. But using a proper set up, and your opponent’s momentum against them, will result in a lot more success. Take a look at this beautiful double leg from Vallimont. Last one, I promise.

In this scenario Vallimont’s partner has secured an under hook, which is sometimes viewed as unfavorable, but watch how Vallimont deals with it. His first order of business is to square up a bit with his partner. He sidesteps and changes his level slightly, while pulling down on his under hooked side to transfer his partners weight to his left foot. At this point everything is in perfect position to take an unobstructed and unexpected penetration step for a beautiful double leg.

We can apply so much from wrestling to BJJ. Having access to great wrestling information can really help you make jumps in your stand-up game. We’re looking forward to seeing Vallimont’s content so we can get to work! Coming soon!

Takedowns need to be incorporated for jiu jitsu in order to be a complete jiu jitsu martial artist. Wrestling is a perfect compliment for Jiu Jitsu and the skills translate over into the ground game as well.



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