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Short Legs? No Problem!

Short Legs? No Problem!


Great Details On Finishing Triangles With Professor John Danaher

I am 5’2” female and much smaller than most of the people at my gym. I have often felt my legs are too short for some techniques such as the triangle choke so I wouldn’t even attempt it on some of my bigger training partners. Professor John Danaher reminds us in the below video to not “kid ourselves” about our short leg issues with the triangle. He stresses that the one thing those of us with shorter legs must accomplish is “the right body position” and with a few intricate details we too should be successful with the triangle choke on our broader opponents. I for one can’t wait to try out the below techniques next time I’m at the gym.

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Don’t Let Your Opponent Break Your Triangle

Controlling our opponents posture is necessary to avoid our initial triangle leg position from opening. He demonstrates this when Professor Faria drives his head closer to Professor Danahers’ head which ultimately breaks his hold or when he rises up vertically also breaking the hold. To keep this from happening you’ll want to cup your opponents head with one hand causing resistance when your opponent attempts to posture up. The next step is to create an angle. Do this by bringing your calf over your opponents’ shoulder giving you the ability to turn and with your other hand reach elbow deep under their leg. We are now at an angle to allow us to finish the choke with our less than lengthy limbs.

Body Positioning Is Key

One of the major issues we deal with is our opponents shoulder being too involved in our triangle, if our opponents shoulder is inside our leg this will ultimately hinder us from getting our triangle tight enough to execute the choke. Professor Danaher explains that we need our opponents neck and one arm in our triangle and we need to eliminate the bulk of their shoulder which will lessen the circumference of which we need to cover with our triangle.

Getting that right angle as referenced above is the first step in eliminating that shoulder. Once angled in position and to eliminate the shoulder of your opponent you need to swing around and point both your feet in the direction your opponent is looking and cover their shoulder with your far leg eliminating it from the triangle set up, to lock the triangle you’ll want to bring your support leg to your choking leg by raising your lower back off the floor and create your figure four.

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The shoulder has now been eliminated and when you turn your legs inward whether your opponent postures up or tries to stand up, there is very little they could do as the lock is directly on top of your opponents’ head and even with your short legs you are bound to get that bigger, broader opponent to tap! Check it out below, and try it out on the mats! Visit BJJ Fanatics for more of Professor Danahers’ Amazing Instructional Videos!

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