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Insane Guard Retention Can Be Yours

Insane Guard Retention Can Be Yours


BJJ Fanatics is excited to release the long-awaited instructional from one of the true young guns of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the only American to win a world title at black belt twice, Mikey Musumeci.  With his release of Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes, Mikey is poised to unleash all of the secrets that put his guard retention and back takes on another level.

Having won world titles at every single belt rank leading up to his first victory at black belt, the very year that he earned his black belt, he is no stranger to some of the best light featherweight guard passers doing their best to get through his impervious guard.  If you're ready to never have your guard passed again, this is the release for you.  

Check out the excerpt below where he addresses the high level knee slicer, who wary of the lasso guard, switches up their grips and attempts to give you problems.  The average level guard retention is going to be about as hard to get through as a wet paper towel, but not Mikey Musumeci.  With the detailed explanation of his grip adjustments and body placement, you will be stopping your gym's version of Joao Miyao in no time.  Check it out below!

Get over to BJJ Fanatics NOW to get your copy of Mikey Musumeci's new instructional "Power Switch Guard Retention and Genius Back Takes" before the DVDs run out.  Or better yet, get the easy access of the On Demand version!  You can get it here!



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