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Is This the Worst Position in BJJ?

Is This the Worst Position in BJJ?


As practitioners of the gentle art, we find ourselves in some pretty precarious positions from time to time. We’re no strangers to getting twisted up in knots and being squeezed and bent in ways that we may have not thought possible. The early years of practice are filled with these kinds of encounters. Until we experience some of these unfavorable spots and learn to steer clear, we often learn the hard way. This is the case for all beginners, so don’t feel bad. It’s part of the game.

I was recently at a competition with my team. I was enjoying some great matches in the blue belt division, and then, I saw it. You know the position I’m talking about. You don’t? I’ll describe it. Top guy has his opponent belly down, both hooks are in, hips are thrusting forward, and he’s relentlessly pursuing the choke. Yes, that position. If you’ve ever been there, I’m going to go ahead and assume you didn’t enjoy it.

The fact is, whether you find yourself here in the academy, or even worse yet, in the street, you’re in a bad spot. Being stretched out this way just plain sucks. It’s demoralizing, and if the person can strike you, it’s going to be a long day.

Here’s a great video that explains the position and offers some actual technique to go along with it. Nick Albin offers some polite ways to finish without destroying your training partner, which in an academy setting is very important. He then demonstrates a less than cordial way to end your opponents suffering in more of a street fight, MMA, or competition scenario. Check it out.

Now, escaping this position unscathed can be a task. Of course, the best defense is to not get there! But inevitably we will at some point experience almost every position grappling has to offer, and we’ll need answers. In this video Ryan Young provides a simple response to being flattened out. Give it a look.

For many of us, all we need is one experience here to know that we never want to go back, and we’ll take preventative measures to keep ourselves from falling victim to the dreaded position. But if you do end up with your feet up and your pelvis buried in the dirt, stay calm and remember that there is a way out!

One of the secrets that it's important to learn early is how to be able to escape any position.  With a resource like Bernardo Faria's Escapes from Anywhere series, you will be able to confidently open up your game and improve!  You can get it here at BJJ Fanatics.




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