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Kayla Harrison Takes Her MMA Record to 2-0

Kayla Harrison Takes Her MMA Record to 2-0


 This weekend two-time Olympic judo gold medalist, Kayla Harrison took her MMA record to 2-0 in the Professional Fighters League's 6th event.  In this lightweight bout, fans were able to get a much longer look at Kayla's developing striking game as she spent much of the first two rounds landing ground strikes on her opponent Jozette Cotton who was 8-2 before their match.

It was the in the third round that the ref stepped in to call the TKO for Kayla.  She is well on her way to establishing herself as a force in women's MMA and we look forward to watching her career as it blossoms over the coming months and years.  Check out the full fight video below.

For more from Kayla Harrison, check out The Real Judo Chop, her instructional available at BJJ Fanatics!  You can get it here.




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