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It's All In the Hips

It's All In the Hips


It can be argued that the hips are the single most important part of the body in jiu jitsu.  The powerful muscles of the hips and surrounding legs and lower back are where the majority of the power comes for most escapes.  The hip escape is one of the first jiu jitsu movements one learns.  From an offensive perspective, being able to control and keep tab of an opponent's hips will go along way to frustrate and eliminate the ability to escape and allow you to implement your submission game.

In the new video below, Tom DeBlass reminds us that the hips have a primary importance in most positions.  When an opponent puts us into butterfly guard, the standard reaction is to try to be as heavy as possible to prevent elevation and to try to base out to the side with an arm or a leg to prevent the butterfly sweep which seems all but inevitable.  DeBlass shows that one of the most simple moves to stop the sweep or the opponent's entrance to leg attacks is the hip switch.  

By switching the hips, one frees one of their thighs from the elevating hook.  Also by turning to the side makes one heavier and brings them to the mat more quickly rather than being able to be held up and floating in mid-air until the opponent decides to dump us.  Check out the video below from Tom DeBlass.

 Have a good offensive game plan is predicated on being able to escape all of the bad spots one can be put in.  In order to make sure that you're able to escape all of the worst spots, check out Tom Deblass' best-selling Submission Escapes.  You can get it here from BJJ Fanatics!






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