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It's Better to Know BJJ and Not Need It

It's Better to Know BJJ and Not Need It


Carry the confidence you gain from BJJ

Being a woman that does BJJ I’ve often been asked by my female friends who don’t “isn’t that where you roll around with sweaty men?” My response is always “well it so much more than that.” I find it kind of sad that their concept of learning a life saving art is “ew you roll around with sweaty men


Yes I do roll with sweaty men, and women, but, it’s in an environment that is safe and with people I trust as opposed to being in a situation that is beyond my control in an environment that is far from the comfort of the safe blue mats with some of the best friends I’ve ever had who want nothing but the best for me.

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The news unfortunately, is full of crime activity that involves women being attacked in parks on a run or an online date gone bad. I share those disturbing news articles on social media with a post inviting my female friends to come join me on the mats and learn a few simple techniques that could help them survive such an incident. As much as I get the “likes” from some of my followers, I also get those that comment things like “let someone try that” I wish they would.” Now I am certain no one really wishes such a thing on themselves but why put off the idea of protecting yourself against an unknown assailant when you’re vulnerable and just trying to live your life.

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Would you know what to do if someone came up from behind you and grabbed you? How would you react if someone you trusted and were alone with got physical with you and you asked them to stop but they refused. Most of us think, oh that will never happen to me, or I don’t put myself in those situations. Truth is those situations don’t broadcast themselves. We take chances every day we step out the door to go about our daily routine of life. No one plans on being attacked. No one plans on a date going bad, the articles I spoke of earlier are real. Life happens and sometimes it ends up resulting in someone becoming an unfortunate statistic.

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Are you amongst the Uber generation? Do you feel safe getting in a car with a complete stranger. What if that ride ends up in a direction you weren’t traveling? I know I may sound dark and untrusting but I’m a realistic woman who has heard of, read about and has been a friend to many women who have had to fight for their lives and just didn’t know how.


Please. Please. Please. Don’t be one of those statistics. Learn a few simple techniques that could turn a situation around from you being a victim to you being a survivor in this crazy and sometimes disturbing world in which we live.


Oh and by the way…BRING YOUR KIDS WITH YOU! We can’t be with them 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week so get them on the mats and let them learn from trusting, caring and experienced coaches in a safe and fun environment. They will grow and they will learn techniques that will help them escape the cruelty of those we protect and shield them from whenever we can.


Don’t fear the sweaty men at the gym ladies. They are trusting and kind and they are there to safely help you learn how to survive an uncomfortable situation you may find yourself in someday. I hope not but my thought is that It’s better to Know BJJ and Not Need it than to Not know BJJ and Need it.





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