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Jiu Jitsu Clothing Company Expresses Sentiment on the IBJJF

Jiu Jitsu Clothing Company Expresses Sentiment on the IBJJF

Exploring the anit-IBJJF rash guard...

Recently, a Jiu Jitsu clothing company released a rash guard expressing their sentiments on the IBJFF. The company is owned by Josh Leduc, a Jiu Jitsu brown belt.

For some in the Jiu Jitsu community, the IBJJF is polarizing. Some have taken issue with the high cost associated with IBJJF membership and events and a biased toward Brazilian competitors. Proponents of the IBJJF call these claims mendacious, IBJJF events are prestigious and the IBJJF adds a real value to the community.

Josh Leduc’s apparel company is certainly not subtle in their stance.  In addition to introducing these rash guards with his apparel company, Josh holds an interesting resume. He is a Jiu Jitsu brown belt. He is also a promoter for Sapateiro, a submission only tournament program in south Florida. Additionally, Josh is slated to fight for an upcoming catch wrestling title.

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Josh actually started another thread on reddit, offering a free gear pack to whoever provides the best caption. The photo that he wanted captioned is the cover photo for this article. Here are some of the noteworthy entries:

  • Is this rash guard IBJJF Legal?
  • 2 of these rash guards cost less than an IBJJ entry fee.
  • No we don’t do kids classes, check the shirt bud.
  • When the ref bans you for throwing a chair.
  • Keenan #neverforget
  • This bad boy can fit so many sandbaggers/shitty ref decisions/registration fees in it!
  • When your daughter's boyfriend only competes IBJJF.
  • Because what type of grappling tournament bans leg attacks while simultaneously trying to spread yours?
  • You wouldn't ignore 50% of the competitions, would you?
  • When you're up 15 points, but you look at your opponent’s feet and get disqualified.

Some have argued that the rash guards are lame. They argue that if you don’t like the IBJJF don't compete in those events. Others have stipulated that it is disrespectful to the sport. No one would think wearing it to teach the kids class is a good idea. In the end, Jiu Jitsu is a family. You will always have different views on what is acceptable and what is not. We all have that one crazy uncle wanting to talk politics at the Thanksgiving table

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