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Keenan Cornelius and Craig Jones Super Fight at Polaris 8

Keenan Cornelius and Craig Jones Super Fight at Polaris 8


Two Of The Best Modern Grapplers Face Off! Who Will Take It Home In Wales!

Polaris, one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s most prestigious and entertaining competition promotions has scheduled the 8th event for December 9th, 2018. This event is Polaris’s first veiling of the light heavyweight championship. Battling for this exciting title are two of grappling’s most exciting figures, Craig Jones and Keenan Cornelius. The young superstar Nicky Ryan, brother of Gordon Ryan, will face Ashley Williams, Europe’s youngest black belt. These two matches are the only confirmed bouts as Polaris plans to confirm more as we move closer to the event. 

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Jones and Cornelius previously met at ADCC 2017 in the semi-finals of the under 88-kilogram division. This was after Jones surprised us with two beautiful submissions, a flying triangle against Unity’s Murilo Santana, and rear naked choke against the legendary Leandro Lo. After Jones’s two victories, the odds began to shift toward Craig in an unexpected turn. Keenan, however, was able to defeat Jones points in a very entertaining match. The two grapplers also met in Singapore for some flow-rolling and training sessions.

The second huge match for Polaris’s end-of-the-year event includes fan favorite’s Nicky Ryan, the young protégé who submitted highly skilled adults when he was as young as 13. Nicky will be facing the tough Wale’s superstar Ashley Williams, winner of multiple IBJJF titles and EBI 7 competitor. This match will be Nicky’s toughest opponent, and the same could be said for Williams. The two will be competing for Polaris’s featherweight title.

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Polaris has also teamed up with Cage Warriors, one of Europe’s largest MMA organizations to create a unique weekend with both MMA fights and grappling matches. The MMA fights are slated for Saturday while Polaris 8 will occur Sunday in the same venue. Polaris has also indicated that they are making some big changes for the 8th event but have not provided much in terms of specifics. These will most likely be some rule changes to make their events even more drawing.

As the event draws near, be on the lookout for more confirmed matches from Polaris and expect some big names. Ticket are already on sale on the Polaris website for the event that will take place in the Ice Arena in Wales. You can also can this event on UFC Fight Pass live.

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