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Leandro Lo - The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing

Leandro Lo - The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing



If you’ve been looking for something that provides a comprehensive look at Jiu-Jitsu and gives you an overall direction on how to get better, look no further. The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing by Leandro Lo provides that direction for you! Lo’s instructional provides a large swath of Jiu-Jitsu in ONE place.  

Leandro Lo needs no introduction, but if you are new around here just know that Leandro Lo is one of the most accomplished BJJ competitors who ever stepped on the mats. SIX TIME world champ, EIGHT TIME Pan Am Champ across 4 different weight classes. Let’s just say he’s credentialed.

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The Lo Guard gives you all the tools you need to have a FEROCIOUS guard. Not only does Lo demonstrate the techniques that earned him all of those world titles, but he goes into the strategy of implementing them at the highest level. Whether it’s spider guard or single leg X you can rest assured that you are being given the correct answers to deal with ANY guard passer.

Leandro’s X-guard is something that EVERY up and coming Jiu-Jitsu practitioner should be studying. Lo gives all of his best secrets of the X-guard including sweeps, submissions and back takes. He connects techniques together providing you with a connected web of attacks that is sure to leave you opponent tied up and tapping out.

The second portion of this revolutionary set is Lo’s Matrix passing. Leandro Lo’s passing game is TOP TIER. Leandro has made a name for himself utilizing his second to none Knee slide pass.  Matrix passing revolves around his devastating knee slide. This creates unique opportunities for the passer to create defensive scrambles from the guard player which will allow for transitional submission attempts as well as back takes!

Here is a great example of Lo’s top notch passing technique:

Single leg X-guard has become one of the most dominant guards utilized in competition, both gi and no-gi. Lo begins the technique by addressing his base. It is the base of a world champion for sure! Lo demonstrates how to unlock the SLX guard by digging the outside foot from his hip. His low base is crucial here because many people make a mistake by posturing up to free their hip. This is where the SLX player will set their trap for the sweep.

Now that the SLX is unlocked Lo begins to turn his body towards the outside SLX leg. Creating this angle allows Lo to shoot his partner’s knee through his legs as he drops into the mount. Notice the grip Lo uses on his partner’s foot. This grip is critical to keep the foot away from the hip which allows the proper angle to be created for the SLX pass. Leandro pays special attention to the direction of his knee throughout the pass. While locked into SLX if the knee is flared towards the outside leg, the sweep is all but a sure thing. So monitor where your knee is facing!

Leandro Lo needs no discussion about his credentials. His game is BATTLE TESTED! The Lo Guard & Matrix Passing peels back the curtain on the techniques that Lo has forged in the fires of competition. These techniques are exactly what you need to JUMP START your game!



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