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Learn The Secrets of an ADCC Champion

Learn The Secrets of an ADCC Champion


ADCC is the biggest tournament in no gi grappling period.  It is the pinnacle of Submission Grappling.  ADCC 2017 was last weekend and there were so many incredible matches, submissions, upsets, and more.  We saw people rise to the top and we saw people fall from the top.  One of the standout performers of the year was the young Atos Black Belt, JT Torres.  JT Torres has accomplished so much in the sport and is primarily a gi grappler, but this weekend he established himself as the best in the world at no gi submission grappling in his weight class.

JT Torres cemented himself as one of the best ever.  He beat many of the best grapplers in the world including Garry Tonon, and Lucs Lepri.  This is no easy feat but JT is one to rise to the occasion.  So how did he do it? JT has some of the most incredible posture and base in the world which makes him almost impossible to sweep or submit and his wrestling is unbelievable. 

JT Torres Posture and Base

JT has long been a top level competitor, although he is young, he was promoted to black belt years ago and has always been a threat to anyone.  This year he won the ADCC.  JT Torres had some rigorous matches but always prevailed.  What set him apart from his competition?  JT was able to utilize his passing, posture and base.

When going against a dangerous leg locker like Garry Tonon you have to rely on your base and posture so that someone like him is not able to start elevating you and getting underneath to start attacking your legs.  JT keeps amazing base and posture and was able to negate Garry Tonon from getting into his favorite positions. This is key to beating someone like Garry.  JT has always been a huge supporter of having good posture and base when going against open guard because this will allow you to move more confidently when attempting to pass.  Check out this mini documentary with JT below prepping for ADCC.


JT Torres Wrestling

In the final of the ADCC JT had to go against the multiple time black belt world champion, Lucas Lepri.  The thing with this match is that they have a very similar passing game and are both very strong on top.  This made the match into a wrestling match from the feet.  They had some very intense scrambles and displayed some unbelievable wrestling exchanges but ultimately, JT was able to solidify more and get the W. 

If you want to learn all the secrets of an ADCC champion, get your hands on JT Torres 4 DVD Set, “Passing, Back Takes, and Finishes” today! In this DVD Set JT goes into detail on how to properly pass some of the hardest guards to pass and he discusses how to have good base and posture.  It is well worth the money! Think of it like getting private lesson with an ADCC Champ!


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