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Level the Playing Field, Attack the Wrist

Level the Playing Field, Attack the Wrist


Do you practice wrist locks?  If you are a smaller or more inexperienced guy, learning wrist locks may be worth your time.  Wrist locks can level the playing field with bigger opponents or higher-level opponents.  They are one of the most underrated submissions in bjj.  Although some people have executed wrist locks at the highest levels of competition, they often go unnoticed.

Some world-famous wrist locks include when Rafa Mendes utilized wrist locks in the 2016 black belt world championships, and Matheus Diniz who infamously submitted one of the most resilient opponent’s in bjj today, Garry Tonon with a wrist lock.  Now if they are working at the highest levels of competition, you better believe they work everywhere.

Wrist Locks Against Bigger Opponents

Wrist locks can be one of your best attacks against a larger opponent.  Why is this?  The wrist lock attacks a small part of your opponent’s body that has a lot of tiny bones, but not much muscle surrounding the area.  So, if you lock on an opponent’s wrist, even if they are much larger than you are, you can apply enough strength to finish because they can’t defend their wrist with muscle. 

For instance, it is not like an arm bar where they can use their biceps to curl their way out or a triangle where they can lift you and stack you.  With a wrist lock, it happens hard and fast and people can’t use strength to defend. Check out our article “Scientific Wrist Destruction” to learn more.  Also check out this video below with Jamico Elder, a guy who is notorious for wrist locks.

Wrist Locks Against Higher-Level Opponent’s

Wrist locks can be a great way to even the playing field with a higher-level opponent.  Why is this? Many people of all rank neglect wrist locks, therefore, their knowledge of them is not very high.  For instance, if you learn wrist locks and use them every day, for the most part, you will have surely finished more wrist locks than most of your opponent’s have defended if you work on them several months or from white to black. 

You may be a blue belt but can be a black belt in wrist locks, and your opponent may be a black belt, but only a blue belt in wrist locks.  See what we are saying?  It is a great way to catch a higher-level opponent by surprise, although some people may get egotistical and upset, know you’re benefiting them by catching them in wrist locks.  They can learn to avoid them.  Check out our article “Submissions for Smaller People” to learn some devastating wrist locks, also, check out the slick set up for a wrist lock below.

Now you probably want to learn wrist locks but nobody in your gym does them.. Well you’re in luck, check out our DVD “Scientific Wrist Destruction” by one of the best to ever wrist lock, Jamico Elder!


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