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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is built upon a foundation of efficiency.  The art is primarily focused on finding and perfecting the techniques that will elicit the maximum level of control and/or devastation with as little effort, strength or power.  Practitioners strive to make the best use of leverage and angles to submit or control their opponents, whether in competition, training, or potentially real life self defense scenarios.

With that said, what are some of the most devastating and efficient techniques that you can add to your arsenal?  Leg locks are typically what comes to mind first when the words "most" and "devastating" are combined in conversation about BJJ and although is is true, one distinguishing factor is that fact that many of the most effective techniques that fall under the umbrella of leg attacks are actually illegal until one becomes an advanced competitor.  So the truth is, most students may never dip their toe (pun intended) into this world until they've been training for many years.

There is another group of techniques that can be argued to be just as effective and equally as devastating as leg locks, but perhaps not as "in vogue" as those fancy foot attacks with the exotic sounding japanese set ups.  This group of techniques is the much maligned wrist locks. 

While wrist locks are sometimes erroneously categorized as a group of "dirty" techniques, they are actually recognized in many martial arts systems and used during self defense training.  They are considered legal in IBJJF competition starting in blue belt, which is the usual accepted standard for BJJ competitive rule standards.  Whereas, conversely the widest availability of leg attacks doesn't come to fruition until brown and black belt in IBJJF competition and is limited to No Gi events.

In the video below, Jamico Elder explains and demonstrates a key concept that will help lay the foundation for how one sees the relationship of the grip on the opponent's sleeve.  This simple,but profoundly important concept should be understood for both its competitive and self defense scenario relevance.

 Take a look at another article BJJ Fanatics did on the value and power of wristlocks here.  By further understanding where they can fit into your gameplan, you can better begin to utilize them to capitalize on your opponent's grip and body positioning and thereby make your game more well-rounded and respected.

 In the technique video below, Jamico Elder shows a variety of wrist locks from inside the guard.  

 The looks of pain and horror on his demonstration partners' faces underscores some of the reasons that wrist locks are not often trained and are considered "dirty".  It's because they can come as such a surprise to someone.  The fact is that one moment I can be gripping your sleeve and with almost a magician-like adjustment of your hand and shift of your weight, I can be screaming in agony caught in a wrist lock.  In addition, because of the delicate nature of our wrist joints and a relatively limited range of motion, the pain sets in so fast that it's difficult to even tap before excruciating pain hits us.

The important thing is to make sure you are aware of these techniques and be cautious in the beginning of how and where you are gripping your opponents.  Realizing that wrist locks are a potential obstacle can go a long way towards the defense against them.  But in reality, the old saying is true.  The best defense is a good offense.  You must familiarize yourself with these efficient and maybe not deadly, but definitely painful techniques!

 Now that you're ready to jump into the laboratory and learn the science of wrist locks with Jamico Elder, you will want to take advantage of the ridiculous prices we have on his "Scientific Wrist Destruction" instructional DVD today!  This Harvard educated instructor is ready to teach you everything he knows about the deadly and practical application of wrist attacks for only $47!



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