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Maximizing Your Time To Be An Efficiency Expert

Maximizing Your Time To Be An Efficiency Expert


It’s no secret in today’s world everyone is pushed to the max with responsibilities. 

Whether it be financial responsibilities, spending time with your family, work, running your own business, whatever combination of tasks consume your day to day, I feel pretty confident in saying we could all use a little more time.  Well, as we all know, that’s much easier said than done. How do cram all of the same daily to do’s into a shorter period of time, or the alternative, eliminate some of the to do list. As a last resort, and certainly not the healthiest of options, there is always the thought of just sleeping less hours, therefore allowing more waking hours to get more accomplished. 

First, let’s start with prioritizing.  Since this is a Jiu Jitsu focused article, let’s assume that training is a priority for you, as it should be.  If we start off by making a must do list, and then adding to it the want to do list, we can allocate time to each task and build a schedule, or as I like to call it, a plan for the day.  

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In order to properly allocate time to each of your daily, weekly or monthly functions we need to have accurate information.  For example, if you plan to train 6 hours per week, 2 hours per night, 3 days per week, then we know that for training we can allocate 6 hours right? Nope, not exactly, this is where a common mistake happens.  We oftentimes pack our schedules with back to back to back tasks or appointments without accounting for travel time, bathroom breaks, or even a mental break in between mentally challenging tasks. So, how long does it take you to prepare for Jiu Jitsu?  We need to account for that, we also need to prepare for the travel time to and from Jiu Jitsu. Once we add all of these times together we can then allocate that amount of time to training each week, and move on to the next item. 

When building your schedule you should start with the must do’s.  For most of us that’s work. Work pays for the basic necessities in life like food, shelter and Jiu Jitsu, therefore, it gets priority when we plan our time.  Beyond that we can start adding in the other priority items, perhaps training outweighs going to hang out with friends off the mats. It’s important piece this puzzle together on a larger scale than just one day.  Doing a week or month at a time will allow you to balance things better. For example, this week it may be more important for me to train every single day because of an upcoming competition, whereas in the weeks following the competition, I may want to prioritize family time to balance the days I missed.  

As a general rule of thumb, much like in Jiu Jitsu, this is you against you.  Everyone is busy, everyone has “stuff” going on, and there will always be people you feel like are doing more than you, and likely people you feel like are slacking.  Stay focused on what matters most, your happiness and your progress in a sport that you enjoy and provides lasting health benefits. 

You can look for the release of Professor Tom DeBlass’ new instruction that covers mindset both on and off the mats.  In the meantime, until it’s released check out the library of Tom DeBlass video instructionals available to you through BJJ Fanatics.  There is certainly a thing or two you could refine in your game with the tips and tricks from this star.  For a lot of people their diet and or weight directly impact their mindset and ability to be positive. If this is something you have struggled with for any period of time without seeing success, it may be time to hire a professional coach. 

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