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Methodical Butterfly Guard Pass

Methodical Butterfly Guard Pass


The key to mastering any technique is to break it down into smaller digestible chunks and steps, allowing you to then replicate the process over and over using the same easy to execute steps.  In the butterfly guard pass below, Chris Yonkers takes a very methodical approach to dealing with one of the oldest, yet trickiest guards to get around, the butterfly guard.

Check out the video below featuring Bernardo Faria that shows a few of Chris' favorite variations of this butterfly guard pass.

The first key to this passing position is to enter with aggressive caution.  The goal is to flatten the opponent without giving them to much forward momentum and bodyweight which will allow them to utilize their butterfly hooks to elevate and possibly sweep you.  He uses a double under hook style of entry and stays low around the hips to prevent Bernardo from scooping under and using his hooks to create elevation and space.

Secondly, Chris recommends freeing one leg from it's respective opponent hook.  He does this by blocking the shin on the butterfly hook and either stepping back (which is not the most favorable manner to deal with this because the hook can follow and stay connected) so he would rather to a step back which moves his base and the thigh completely out of the way.  He doesn't stay there long.  As soon as the leg is free of the opponent's hook, he regroups and brings that thigh against the hook, doubling up against it.  

This two on one allows him to bring bringing his outside leg over the thigh.  In the case that the opponent does nothing and offers no resistance with the shin, he will simple pass and establish side control.  If Bernardo decides at that moment to elevate and show resistance to the pass, Chris Yonkers will hip switch and pass anyway.  He then establishes side control.

By methodically working from the safe entry to flatten the opponent, to freeing the hook to double up on one side of the opponent's body and then simply moving the hips over the one butterfly hook, Chris is able to pass one of the trickiest guards out there.

For more techniques to improve your passing game, check out Bernardo Faria's best-selling Battle Tested Pressure Passing from BJJ Fanatics!  Bernardo has become synonymous with the pressure passing movement and used it quite effectively to dominate the competition during his career!  You can get it here!





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