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Mikey Musumeci is About to Make a Huge Contribution to The Leg Lock Game!

Mikey Musumeci is About to Make a Huge Contribution to The Leg Lock Game!


Do Not Break The Rules...Navigate Around Them!

Leg locks have enjoyed some serious time in the spotlight over the last few years. While the hype may have come down a notch or two, the fact remains, they have become a huge factor in high level grappling competition. Knowledge of the leg lock game is now required if you hope to compete at the highest levels. The days of ignoring the lower half of the body are over.

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Submission only contests have enjoyed the bulk of the leg locks’ rise to the center stage, but they’re not entirely absent from other realms of BJJ competition. While many of the promotions and organizations outside of submission only grappling do not allow twisting style leg locks, they do permit other aspects of the leg lock game.

The lines can often be blurred when it comes to legal and illegal lower body submissions. Well, worry no more. Mikey Musumeci is about to show you an entire catalogue of IBJJF legal foot locks. Why is this awesome? If you’re a grappler that loves the leg game, you need to know how to apply your skills to any ruleset, so your game isn’t stunted buy a particular set of guidelines. You need to be able to prepare for any competition setting.

Here’s a video of one of Musumeci’s quicker finishes. Notice the way he’s controlling his opponent with no reap. He effectively entangles the legs and funnels his opponent into a brutal belly down foot lock.

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Musumeci’s approach to attacking the legs while adhering to IBJJF rules may change the way you look at foot locks forever! Be on the lookout for this exciting release from BJJ Fanatics soon! While you wait check out this amazingly detailed technique video from Musumeci on defending the leg drag and turning it into a nasty foot lock! Enjoy!

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