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Kent Peters’ Instagram Account Of Over 20k+ Followers Deleted

Kent Peters’ Instagram Account Of Over 20k+ Followers Deleted


Jiu Jitsu black belt Kent Peters’ Instagram account was deleted without warning. He had over 20,000 plus followers. Many of us are fans of the free instructional videos he posts.  Check out this video titled Deep Half Guard DOA HeelHook Entry - ZombieProofBJJ (NoGi).


The content lost on Kent Peters’ Instagram definitely is a blow for his many followers. It may also represent potential financial loss to Kent as it markets his clothing line and Jiu Jitsu school from the account.

Do yourself a favor and check out his new IG @thenewkentpeters.

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If IBJJF foot locks are more your speed, Mike Musimeci has some great content. BJJ Heroes websites states this about Mike, “Michael Musumeci, also known as Mikey Musumeci, is an accomplished Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Gilbert “Durinho” Burns and Jonatas “Tagarela” Gurgel. Musumeci made a name for himself in the lower belt divisions of the sport by winning sequential world titles from juvenile blue, up to brown belt, with a modern style of grappling heavily reliant on the berimbolo and crab ride positions which made Mikey one of the main representatives of this modern day approach to jiu jitsu. Mikey is also the 4th US national to have ever conquered an IBJJF world title in the male black belt division, as well as the first American to conquer this title twice in their career.”

The internet is definitely giving more opportunities to learn techniques for the Jiu Jitsu aficionado from many talented teachers. We are lucky to live in an era with easy access to great instructors like Mike and Kent.

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