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ADCC Asia & Oceania Trial 2018 - CANCELLED!

ADCC Asia & Oceania Trial 2018 - CANCELLED!


Exploring the cancellation...

Yesterday, ADCC’s website made the following announcement,

“Today ADCC Committee has announced that the 1st ADCC Asia & Oceania Trial 2018 has been CANCELLED due to lack of competitors.

ADCC Trials are qualifiers to the big ADCC Worlds event that is hosted each 2 years. ADCC Trials format must have a minimum of at least 16 fighters per bracket in order for the Qualifier to go as planned.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to all involved in this event, but rules are rules in ADCC and cannot be broken.

ADCC Committee will decide where and when the ADCC Asia & Oceania will be.”

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Certainly this is a big blow to the competitors. Social media sites like Reddit had many disappointed competitors.

“We had 6 people from Absolute MMA (including myself) registered and flying from Australia to compete in the ADCC qualifier. Our flight to Kazakhstan is in 24 hours and we ONLY JUST GOT NOTICE that the event is cancelled. No forewarning that there were concerns OR ANYTHING.

Many of us have now not only lost money ($1600 flights + $ in accommodation) but also passed up on other major opportunities e.g. Lachlan Giles competing for the Polaris championship title.”

While Grappling is huge in Kazakhstan with arts like Sambo, Wrestling and Judo, it may have been a difficult location for a lot of Asia & Oceania competitors in regards to travel.

It will be interesting what changes the ADCC Committee make next year. Trials in other locations seem to have more and more competitors every year. So this cancellation does not seem to have larger implications toward the health of the organization or grappling as a whole.

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