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Mikey Musumeci Wins 3rd World Title!!!

Mikey Musumeci Wins 3rd World Title!!!


Mikey Musumeci pulled out some magic at the 2019 IBJJF World Championship this year! The two-time light featherweight world champ dropped to a new weight class this year looking for his third title. In that weight class was 10x world champ Bruno Malfacine. While there were many other stellar athletes in the bracket such as Caio Terra, Rodney Barbosa, and Cleber Sousa, EVERYONE wanted to see this match.

After defeating his first two opponents with footlock attacks and tricky guard play, Musumeci and Malfacine were set to meet in the semi-finals. Malfacine defeated his first opponent by armbar, and earned a close decision over long time rival Caio Terra. The stage was set for two of the most technical Jiu-Jitsu players in the game. It didn’t disappoint.

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Both athletes looked to pull guard early to utilize their leg entanglements to enter into the back. It was a sweep exchange early. Musumeci was able to berimbolo/crab ride to gain top position multiple times, but Malfacine was able to fire back each time. With about half of the match left Malfacine hit a beautiful butterfly guard sweep to tie it up with a one advantage lead.

Musumeci was underneath Bruno for about another 30-45 seconds before pulling of another berimbolo attack. This time Malfacine looked to get a head of the berimbolo and attempt to get to Mikey’s back. However Musumeci was able to counter the 10x world champ to get top position earning him the lead. This marked the first time Malfacine was defeated at the World Championship since 2013!

In the Finals Musumeci met Rodnei Barbosa. Barbosa was able to secure a silver medal in the 2018 World Championship. However this year was Mikey Musumeci’s year. The match was over in 12 seconds. While both athletes were jockeying for position from a double guard pull, Musumeci was able to secure a brutal fight ending foot lock. Musumeci is now a three time world champion at two different weight classes!

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Mikey Musumeci wasn’t the only champ from the family at the 2019 IBJJF World Championship. Tammi Musumeci defeated 3 top tier ladies on her way to earn the Light-Featherweight title. These two stellar siblings are only getting started!

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