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Minutiae With Mikey: Details In Jiu-Jitsu

Minutiae With Mikey: Details In Jiu-Jitsu


Details In Jiu-Jitsu

Details are glorified in grappling. Countless conversations on the mats center around the details that make or break specific techniques. Early on, the details are of a gross nature. “Get an underhook before you knee slice.” “Posture up in guard.” As we progress, the details become finer. These minute details are what separate the wheat from the chaff. In the last ADCC, Gordon Ryan dismantled the competition using common techniques that most grapplers know. So why aren’t more grapplers as successful as Gordon Ryan? Primary among the many possible answers to this question is that Gordon understands jiu jitsu in much finer detail than the rest of us.

Another example of a master of details in grappling is MIkey Musumeci. Mikey is the most accomplished American gi competitor in history, and it isn’t close. He won black belt worlds three consecutive years, spanning two weight classes and he appears to be on a similar trajectory in Nogi. Oh, and he is only 24 years old. His meteoric rise has been fueled by an obsession with the details. When perusing through Mikey’s Instagram account, it is common to see a post where he discusses the 10-12 hours he put in that day studying jiu jitsu. This is apparent in each of his meticulously prepared instructionals.

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Which Details Matter?

The lessons of details are hard won. It used to be that learning the possible reactions to a technique required trial and error against multiple opponents with varying styles and physical attributes. Now, thanks to savants like Mikey, the hard work has been done for us. Anyone who has watched Mikey’s instructionals can attest to the specificity of details he presents. He has worked out every reaction your opponent can give and teaches how to counter these reactions in an easily digestible manner. In the video below, Mikey explains the movement necessary to prevent your opponent from leg dragging you from their far hip in the butterfly ashi straight footlock


The Technique

First, Mikey explains the position from which they will give the reaction. In Butterfly Ashi, Mikey understands their potential reactions based on which hip their weight is on. When the opponent is on the far hip, the most logical reaction will be for them to put you in leg drag and work their way to a standing position. To get to leg drag from this position, your opponent will grip the pants of your leg that is framing their hip and drag it across their hip. Then they will lean forward and grip your collar. If you do not address this threat, you will be vulnerable to the guard pass.

Here is where Mikey’s methodical work bears its fruit. When the opponent transitions to leg drag in this manner, they only control the bottom half of your leg, leaving the upper leg free to move. Their lack of control allows you to retract and replace your frame by pulling your leg back, in line with their leg. One you replace your frame, it is easy to resume attacking their foot. 

The next reaction continues to demonstrate Mikey’s comprehensive understanding of the threats to his attack. Occasionally, opponents are able to fully drag the leg across their hip, wedging their hips against your quad and gain a grip on your collar. Mikey explains that when in this position, the objective is to replace your knee in front of their shoulder. When in this position, use your hand to push their shoulder up and away then retract and flare your knee so that it is framing against the front of their shoulder. 

Where To Learn More

The video above is rich in detail and it explains only a small fragment of the possible reactions you will face when attacking the footlock from Butterfly Ashi. Pulling this technique off reliably in competition will require a comprehensive knowledge of the remaining possibilities. Mikey has already done the hard work for you.

Take advantage of this and watch his instructional on the straight footlock from Butterfly Ashi here. Straight Ankle Lock Butterfly Ashi Part 1: Leglock System!



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