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Navigate Footlock Territory With Travis Stevens

Navigate Footlock Territory With Travis Stevens



Avoid Footlocks With Tactical No-Gi Passing

If you are new to No-Gi or are unfamiliar with the world of leg locks, passing the guard is going to be a nightmare! Passing in the gi affords you the ability to use stifling grips that can completely immobilize the opposition. No-Gi passing is a different beast all-together, especially when you add in leg locks!

Leg lockers are looking for inside space. It’s important to know this when passing No-Gi, because some passing styles become complacent to what the guard player is doing. Pressure passers get used to being able to smash the opposition in a way that shuts down many guard games. However, with the right strategy it can be quite easy to elevate the passer to get in on a leg attack. This is where no-gi passing gets tricky.

No-Gi passing can feel overwhelming at times. Thankfully for us athletes like Travis Stevens are here to clear the air! Check out a quick tutorial on some of the do’s and don’ts of No-Gi guard passing below!


Travis offers several game-changing tips in the demonstration that are key to your success. Winning the inside space is one of them. Since pressuring directly into you opponent is likely going to lead to a leg lock scenario Travis advocates for several alternatives. If your opponent has won the inside space battle, Stevens recommends getting your hands inside of their legs and to the floor. 

Another surefire way to deal with this situation is the weave pass. If your opponent is playing butterfly, half-butterfly, or even half guard the weave pass is a staple technique that belongs in everyone’s no-gi passing arsenal. Travis goes in-depth on how to use the weave pass to dominate the passing game in his newest instructional Mastering No-Gi Passing.

Mastering No Gi Passing by Travis Stevens
Mastering No-Gi Passing is a 4-part instructional dedicated to giving you a clear-cut No-Gi passing strategy. Learn the weave pass in great depth to totally revamp your No-Gi passing with Travis Stevens!



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