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Nicky Rod Reveals His Full Strength Training Routine

Nicky Rod Reveals His Full Strength Training Routine


When we look at the current state of grappling competition, there are figures that stand out among others who boast incredible athleticism, strength, and seemingly endless gas tanks. This begs the question. How important is the proper physical conditioning routine to your grappling performance? We know that your ability to be proficient when it comes to jiu-jitsu is not based on strength or physical attributes. Jiu-jitsu has proven this theory time and time again and that’s one of the things we love most about our art. But there’s no doubt that an increased level of strength and endurance isn’t going to hurt you either. 

Nick Rodriguez has been on the warpath. His hard work and willingness to take on any grappler who wishes to face him has made him a mainstay in the no gi grappling scene and signs of slowing down are nowhere to be found. Rodriguez’s impressive run of competitive grappling endeavors culminated this past year at the ADCC 2019 World Championships where he devoured several of the BJJ world’s most elite competitors on his way to claiming a silver medal. All this was achieved with roughly 18 months of experience in jiu-jitsu. Rodriguez continues to accept any challenges that come his way and as this young man continues to work his way through the scene, we’ll be interested to see what unfolds as his jiu-jitsu pedigree gets even stronger. 

It’s quite evident that Rodriguez makes strength training a priority. He’s a physical specimen and his ability to move his opponents around the mat, coupled with his explosiveness, has been a major contributor to his success. He’s managed to close the gap between peak physical condition and skill level that continues to serve him well at the highest levels of competition. 

So, what separates Rodriguez from the herd? He’s recently released the details of his strength training routine with BJJ Fanatics and it is quite the workout. Its entitled, The Perfect Grappling Workout, and its available now.  You’d think that Rodriguez is spending hours and hours in the gym to achieve what he’s built, but your might be surprised to know that he’s only devoting 45 minutes to an hour to each session to get the results he needs. For those of us looking to get an edge but still maintain our busy schedules, this might be the perfect answer. 

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Rodriguez focuses on specific parts of the body during each session and he employs some excellent exercise variations with some innovative ideas on sets and reps to get the job done. You’ll understand right away how Rodriguez has cultivated such incredible strength and endurance from your first experiences with the workout. If it’s been tough for you in the past to add strength training in to your schedule for fear of losing your BJJ edge, give this program a look. It won’t eat up your mat time and it can still provide you with what you’re looking for. 

Speaking of explosive power. Let’s have a look at a technique from Rodriguez. You’ll notice in almost every match Rodriguez furiously pursues the takedown and the transition to the back. Once he’s secured the back position, Rodriguez is not exactly easy to get rid of. His hunt for the back is animalistic in nature and he’s developed favorite routes of getting there that he’s shared in his previous release, Takedowns to Back Control. In this video, Rodriguez demonstrates a low single that opens up a pathway straight to the back. Take a look at this! 


From the start of the exchange, Rodriguez drops down to his right knee and begins to extend his opposite arm to gage distance and distract his opponent. As his partner focuses high, Rodriguez goes low, gripping his partner’s ankle just above the heel on the inside of the leg. As he pulls himself to the heel, he transitions his head from the inside to the outside of his partner’s leg. Here he uses his head, hand and shoulder to encapsulate the leg and provide pressure to the limb, making defense or the removal of the foot very difficult. The positioning of Rodriguez’s body here also lends itself to keeping his partner from trying to face him. This will help Rodriguez open up a pathway to the back. 

Keeping heavy pressure, Rodriguez starts to turn the corner using a sit out motion and begins to reach for the far hip with his free hand. Now to the rear of his partner, he continues to drive forward, causing his partner to collapse. From here, the back has been exposed and Rodriguez can continue his quest for the finish, 

In the full speed version, there is definitely an element of speed and timing that needs to be observed through many repetitions, but this is definitely an accessible transition that can put us in prime position to win!

The Perfect Grappling Workout by Nick Rodriguez

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