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Prep Your BJJ for the Street with Burton Richardson

Prep Your BJJ for the Street with Burton Richardson


Jiu-Jitsu’s deepest roots are in self defense. This is something that we’re all aware of. If you’ve never seen any of the original Gracie challenge videos, look them up. You’ll find the pioneers of jiu-jitsu accepting challenges from all different corners of the martial arts world and proving the effectiveness of jiu-jitsu in a very limited rules setting. The positional dominance is one of the most remarkable characteristics of the art and it really shined in these initial tests. Often, the moment that one of these early practitioners was able to get close to one of these challengers, this was the beginning of the end. 

The “clinch” as many of us refer to it, is the preferred method for closing the gap between ourselves and an assailant. There are many forms of clinching, but all with a very important goal; to minimize the damage that can be done to us during a standing altercation. The clinch in many cases may lead to a takedown. From here our BJJ skills kick in as we attempt to impose dominance and finish the fight. 

This important idea of distance management in a conflict is absolutely paramount to your self defense toolbox. Closing the gap, means a decreased risk of incurring damaging blows, and it takes the attackers ability to create significant energy away from them. Once were able to get the fight to the ground; the risk becomes even less that the opposing party can mount any kid of effective offense. 

Is your BJJ prepared for the street? For many years this was the only consideration to practitioners of BJJ. With the rise of the competition jiu-jitsu scene, the self-defense aspects of the art now share a large spotlight with the competitive side. This is a wonderful thing, as we have been able to watch our art grow and evolve into an incredibly beautiful sport as well. We must however keep the roots alive and make sure we’re still advocating for BJJ as the most effective self-defense art on the planet, so that the new practitioners understand its supremacy in regards to real life situations. 

Do you prioritize you’re your training, adding self-defense scenarios and different variables? If this is missing from your training or if you’re looking to sharpen your existing knowledge, Burton Richardson is your man. He’s developing an entire series that’s giving us a fresh look at adapting your BJJ for the street. With simple concepts and incredibly applicable technique, Richardson will open your eyes to the dangers and variables that may not be on your radar. 

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Richardson is the epitome of a well-rounded, open minded martial artist. His knowledge is vast and he’s spent time with many of the most highly regarded figures in the realm of combat, amassing a wealth of unique knowledge. In his newest release entitled, Clinch for the Street, Richardson is giving us one of the most complete and comprehensive looks at this important position and a myriad of ways for us to implement it. 

Showcasing multiple methods of closing the gap, Richardson even throws in some weapons variables in this series and gives us some important things to consider when were dealing with an attack in a real-life setting. 

Take a look at this video, where Richardson details some scenarios that you may not be thinking of. I found this to be very enlightening and it caused me to take a look at my BJJ through a slightly different lens. Enjoy!


Interesting right? From bizarre targets of attack, to weapons, and multiple attackers, Richardson covers a variety of unexpected scenarios and variables. He addresses all of these ideas in his instructional and helps us to understand the things we may not be prepared for in a street scenario. 

Don’t sleep on this important part of your training. Make sure that self defense is a priority in your BJJ practice and that you’re considering these different variables from time to time. The themes are simple in nature and can be practiced in a controlled setting, just like rolling and training that were used to in the academy. Observing this type of practice could literally save your life one day and it would serve us well to pay it a little extra attention! 

Clinch For The Street by Burton Richardson

Clinch For The Street By Burton Richardson is an entire system DEDICATED to where 99% of altercations start….. ON THE FEET. Check it out today!



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